Save Big With Humble Bundle’s Music Creators Studio Essentials Bundle


The Music Creators Studio Essentials bundle might be what you’re looking for if you’re new to music production. It comes with a whole range of materials for the asking price of $20 to get all 23 items.

I typically only look at Humble Bundle for neat little bundles of stuff for my Steam Deck.

But occasionally, you’ll find a music production gem like the Music Creators Studio Essentials bundle.

Of note to me are the Cherry Audio inclusions, which include Mercury-4, Quadra, Dreamsynth, Stardust 201 Tape Echo, and Synthesizer Expander Module.

The latter was a free offering but is a faithful enough recreation of the famous Oberheim unit. I am a fan of Mercury-4, there is something about the arpeggiator that just tickles my fancy when I’m stringing together melodies.

Dreamsynth is a unique synth, more akin to a new Waldorf wavetable synth from the 80s than something modern. Quadra emulates a rather old-school ARP synth but with some expanded functionality.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Stardust 201 Tape Echo, but after snagging Modnetic, UAD’s Space Echo, and others, it is hard to welcome yet another tape delay/spring reverb into the fold.

Users who are missing out on a DAW will be delighted to see Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio. This isn’t the newest and greatest from the developer, but it should get you well on your way to making music without worrying about trial periods and the like.

In addition to all the software included in the bundle, you’ve got sample packs for days upon days.

The samples cover genres like R&B, synthpop, film scores, house, and quite a bit more. It is an eclectic blend, to say the least, but there is certainly potential for some creative and transformative things to occur in your sampler/granulizer/whatever of choice.

That said, this is quite an appealing bundle if you’re looking to score a deal on virtual instruments.

Ordinarily, you couldn’t snag Mercury-4 for under $20, so grabbing it with additional instruments and effects seems like quite a bargain.

This bundle is heavily recommended if you’re new to music production, but more seasoned readers might already have some of the plugins included.

Check out the deal: Music Creators Studio Essentials (Only $20 for 23 items)


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Sample packs are from Soundtrack Loops. Would be nice if you could mention the brand and you didn’t mention Array Sounds Double Scoop plug-in.

  2. I see that Plugin Boutique is selling United Plugins multi FX MorphVerb, QuickAG, FireCobra, all at £4.43

    • Thanks Numanoid, these are some great plugins on offer hey, also at United Plugins website… “JMG Transmutator” €5 and one of my favourite compressors ever… “Soundevice Digital Royal Compressor” €5
      its United Plugins 5th anniversary… happy anniversary United Plugins 🥳… “5 years United”
      Five developers are all offering one of their plugins for €5 each


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