Function Loops Releases FREE Tech House Drums Plugin


Function Loops has released a new free drum machine plugin called Tech House Drums for Mac and Windows.

Function Loops has previously released many sample packs, of all kinds, for EDM, psytrance, trap, hyperpop, you name it. They also released a free Psytrance Bass ROMpler plugin.

If you’re a fan of their previous releases, it’s time to celebrate since Function Loops has now developed a user-friendly drum machine plugin.

Tech House Drums is fairly bare-bones on the surface. You’ve got 8 pads, each triggering a different sound, preset selection, and fx.

The GUI design reminds me of MIDI pad controllers like the Arturia Beatstep, which are nice and simple. This plugin is the same, giving you the basics to electronic program drum beats.

There are a whopping 40 different drum kits here, giving you a wide range of sounds.

Some have crispy hi-hats and a more upfront drum sound overall (Kit 38), while some other kits, like Kit 30, have a more filtered sound.

The 8 pads have your standard drums, kick, snare, and hi-hats, as well as toms and extra percussion sounds.

The one thing that is nice about this plugin is that you get the tune, pan, attack, and gain controls per sample pad.

So if you want to, say, down-tune your kick, up-tune your snare, and pan the hi-hat a bit, for example, you can do that. Or if your kick is too punchy, you can turn down the attack to keep it under control.

There is also multi-output support, so you can route each sample to its own channel and process them individually.

I wish there was an option to customize the MIDI note for each pad, though, in case you prefer to use a MIDI keyboard or don’t like the default mapping.

You also get some FX controls that process the whole kit. These include a low-pass filter, distortion, pitch wobble, and reverb.

To summarize, this plugin is fairly straightforward and easy to use. Hook up your MIDI controller, select one of the kits, and start playing. Simplicity seems to be this plugin’s strength.

Tech House Drums runs as a plugin, available for Windows and MacOS in VST2, VST3, and AU formats. Unfortunately, there is no AAX version, so it will not run in Pro Tools.

Download: Tech House Drums (FREE – Email required)


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