Decent Samples Release FREE Korg Phase 8 Sample Library


Decent Samples has released a new free Korg Phase 8 library for the free Decent Sampler. 

As many of you know, Superbooth 2024 was recently held in Berlin. Superbooth is an annual event at which new and innovative synthesizers and music production gear from various manufacturers are announced.

We have covered several synthesizers introduced this year at Superbooth, like the Arturia Polybrute 12 and UDO Super 8.

David Hilowitz of Decent Samples was also at Superbooth and sampled a new prototype instrument from Korg Berlin called Phase 8.

This instrument is definitely not your typical synthesizer. Most synths will generate sound via oscillators and electronic circuits.

However, the Korg Phase 8 does so through a series of resonating metal tines.

There are 8 buttons on this device that when pressed, send a signal to a driver which causes the resonators to vibrate.

There is also a built-in sequencer, which makes it a hybrid between a synthesizer and something like an electric piano. It is a truly unique instrument.

There is a hammer mode and pad mode on the Korg Phase 8, and Hilowitz has sampled both. 

And even though there are only 8 notes on it, he has created a chromatic sample library for use in the free Decent Sampler.

In the Korg Phase 8 sample library, there are 9 patches in total. The first two are sampled from the hammer mode, and sound-wise, they remind me of a music box or celesta, a very calming sound.

The other 7 are pads, ranging from warm and evolving sounds (like “Pad 1”) to electric piano-esque sounds like “Pad Dew Drops”.

As for controls and UI, the library is fairly straightforward. You get attack and release, and several effects.

Note repeat creates a tremolo-like effect with controllable speed, and delay, and reverb can be used to add a layer of ambiance to your sound.

Overall, I like this sample library’s calming sound and could definitely see myself using it in styles such as Lofi or ambient music.

Korg Phase 8 runs in Decent Sampler which is available for Windows (32 and 64-bit), Mac (Intel & M1), Linux (Intel 64-bit), and even iOS devices, in formats VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and Standalone.

Download: Korg Phase 8 (FREE – Requires Decent Sampler)


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Soroosh is a composer, guitarist, and music producer based in Canada. His music ranges from aggressive metal, to cinematic music, to ambient soundscapes.


  1. i’m surprised decent sampler gets a lot of attention , as i find it really buggy on cpu hungry on various systems , i appreciate its free ( although there are paid soundpacks )
    i just think
    it needs to be a whole lot stable and better before i consider using it tbh cheers .

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    Even though I bought my copy of Memorymoon v1 back in 2013, I still got a free upgrade to v2. So if anyone here like me, you can contact Gunnar to get the free upgrade

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  4. I’m still looking for an audio sampler where you can load your samples, and use them without sampler sound presets if you want to. I’ll probably have to buy serrato sampler to design sounds to my liking.

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