Analog Obsession Releases FREE Cite High-Frequency Processor


Analog Obsession released Cite, a freeware high-frequency processor for Windows and Mac. 

Cite is a fully custom build designed from scratch and is made to be easy to use. 

The plugin is available for VST3 and AAX for Windows, as well as VST3, AU and AAX for Mac. 

Analog Obsession says that “high-mids and highs will love” what Cite can do. 

While Analog Obsession has not produced an official audio demo, there is a user demo of the plugin already available on YouTube if you want to hear it in action. 

Now, let’s look at the control scheme.

If you like simple plugins, then you’ll like Cite’s control layout. It only has four parameters, and it’s about as straightforward as it gets. 

Cite has a gain-compensated Amount control for shaping your highs and an Area control, which “will let you select the area of high end to process from mids to highs or directly highs.”

Analog Obsession has also included a Mix pot for blending the dry and processed signal and an Output master volume control. Cite has no oversampling functionality.

Cite has a resizable interface via the bottom right corner handle, which allows resizing from 50% to 200%.

You can save your preferred instance size as the default preset for the plugin. 

Cite is compatible with Windows 10 or 11 and Mac 10.11 or newer (Intel / Apple Silicon).

Windows versions require a graphics card that supports OpenGL, while Mac versions require a graphics card that supports Metal. 

The product page on Patreon features a Windows Zip download and links to the Mac and Windows installers. 

All of these are available for direct download straight off the product page with a single click. 

To support Analog Obsession, subscribe to the developer’s Patreon. 

This is optional as you can get the plugin completely free without taking up a Patreon subscription. 

Analog Obsession has had a busy 2024 so far, with the developer’s first release being the free Color Bundle in February. 

The plugin bundle featured the Distox multi-mode distortion PreBox preamp and distortion box in a single release. 

In March, Analog Obsession released the MoMa passive mojo box plugin and, in April, the Atone channel strip plugin.

Download: Cite (FREE)


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