Get Rhodes V-Pan or Krotos Simple Monsters FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique


It’s time for Plugin Boutique’s June gift! This month, you can choose between two very different plugins: Rhodes V-Pan or Krotos Simple Monsters – free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique.

You can get Rhodes V-Pan or Krotos Simple Monsters free with any qualifying purchase. A qualifying purchase excludes free products and cannot be paid entirely by coupons or virtual cash (anything less than 100% is OK).

V-Pan ($39.95 value) is a plugin modeled on the Vari-Pan circuit of the Rhodes MK8 piano. Although the Rhodes MK8 is relatively new, the Vari-Pan circuit adds authentic 1970s flavor.

V-Pan is a fairly simple plugin with just a handful of controls. On the left, it starts with the continuously variable Vari-Wave slider, followed by the Rate and Depth knobs, which control the speed and depth of the pan LFO.

On the right, Slew and Smooth sliders provide additional waveshaping.

A panning effect that can push toward something like ring modulation is one of many signature Rhodes sounds, and it is popular in genres such as Soul, Jazz, and Fusion.

Of course, you don’t have to use V-Pan on a Rhodes piano VST; you can put it to good use on any source.

While I like the V-Pan effect, I should note that the download and installation (including Gorilla Manager) can take around 4GB of hard disk space. It’s worth checking out the comment section of our previous V-Pan article for additional info/context.

Simple Monsters by Krotos Audio is entirely different and a little wild, but in a good way.

It takes the core processing from Dehumaniser 2 and wraps it in an easy-to-use interface.

In a nutshell, Simple Monsters alters your voice in various weird and wonderful ways, but you don’t need to worry too much about what goes on behind the scenes.

Using a series of sliders and X/Y pads, you only have to worry about whether you want to sound like a tiny imp, a giant monster, or anything in between.

If you’re working on an album of boot-scootin’ hoedown anthems, Simple Monsters might not be the first plugin you should grab. But it’s fantastic if you work on cinematic voice-over material or game characters. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

If you are working on something cinematic, check out the free Cinematic Textures library from 99Sounds. It’s a collection of 40 royalty-free sound effects.

Check out the deal: Rhodes V-Pan or Krotos Simple Monsters (FREE with any qualifying purchase @ Plugin Boutique)


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  1. WA Prod’s Obsidian looks an interesting buy at just five bucks …

    Any better deals this month at PB ?

  2. Full Bucket Music has released Six Traq, a free emulation of the SC 80’s synth for Mac and Windows

  3. I’ll just go with what i can get for $5 because i want the krotos enough. thanks for the suggestion :)

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