2B Played Music’s QFX Wax Thickener is Free Until June 20


2B Played Music is offering the QFX Wax thickener for free (with coupon code use code 2BWAX) until June 20, 2024, down from a list price of €17.

Enter the coupon code 2BWAX during checkout for the QFX Wax to access the deal for this Windows and macOS plugin. 

If you miss out on the freebie, QFX Wax is also listed at 30% off currently, at €11.90, down from €17.

Compared to the free coupon deal, this 30% off deal is a longer-running promotion that expires on June 30, 2024. 

2B Played Music says QFX Wax adds pressure, thickness, and phatness. The one-knob plugin is designed to get your tracks sounding phat pronto. 

The developer states: “Whether it’s your kick, bass, synth lead, drums, or vocals that need that extra oomph, QFX Wax is the ultimate one-knob plugin designed to effortlessly transform your creations into rich, fat masterpieces.”

At the center of the plugin is a single rotary knob, which modulates thickness, depth, and presence. 

This simple design is intended to get you results fast and allow you to focus on the creative part of production, rather than knob twiddling. 

2B Played Music says the QFX Wax’s smart filter configuration has “Three distinct positions, allowing you to fine-tune the strength of your audio, ensuring every element shines through with the utmost clarity and power.”

In addition to the main rotary knob, the plugin also features a preset selector, pressure selector and level meter. 

If you like this no-frills design philosophy, you might want to check out the rest of the 2B Played Music’s Quick Effect (QFX) series.

The series features eight plugins overall, all of which have a similarly simple design built around a one-knob setup. 

QFX Wax was initially launched on July 2 and is available in VST3 for Windows or AU and VST3 for macOS.

The 64-bit-only plugin is available for Windows 8 to 11 and macOS Catalina 10.15 to Sonoma 14.0 or higher.

1 GB of free HD space is required to install the plugin, and you’ll also need an internet connection to complete the installation process. 

Download: QFX Wax (FREE until June 20th – use code 2BWAX)


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  1. HY has updated it’s block based sequencer/arpeggiator plugin to MPS3

    The free version is also updated to v3

    • Docent Novak


      Great news! I love their sequencers, especially the HY-SeqCollection2, with a hexagonal sequencer, and the HY-SEQ32. I used MPS2 a little less often than these two, but after a quick review of the updated version, I already know that this will change.

    • Yeah, no idea why it says 1 GB of free space needed. I installed only the VST3 plugin on my Mac and it only takes up 16mb. It doesn’t seem to have installed anything else in any of the Library or Document folders.

    • It’s not free, it’s stealing some space. There’s a few option. Bad coding or some secret software for various reasons. Maybe some agressive piracy protection or just the opposite spyware. The most positive option would be crazy IR library, but it’s a thickener plugin. I’ll pass. If it’s only a bad coding or something I apologize because it’s nice of them… but still no thanks.

      • Doesn’t take 1GB.Tiny plugin,. Phat, but no controls either, maybe not for everyone.
        Tried it, prob won’t use it.

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    You can get an additional 20% off through MeldaProduction’s website (only if you haven’t bought anything through their website yet*) by using this Ref. Coupon before Checkout: MELDA11820040

    *It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already registered something that you’ve bought through a retailer!

  3. What does this plugin do, exactly? Thickness is somewhat vague. Is it using some form of Compression? Modulation?

    • It’s apparently a tiny plugin after all. The 1 GB was a false information. Im gonna try this out. 2 days left anymore.

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