Mastering The Mix EXPOSE 2 FREE On Plugin Boutique Until June 30


Plugin Boutique is giving away EXPOSE 2 from Mastering The Mix. It is priced at $57 but if you use coupon code EXPB100 before June 30, you can have it for free.

EXPOSE 2 is the successor to the original EXPOSE from Mastering The Mix that has previously been covered here on BPB.

While EXPOSE 2 isn’t an FX plugin, it is a comprehensive referencing tool for mixing and mastering.

It aims to help you solve problems like “poor EQ balance, true peak clipping, over-compression, phase issues, and more.”

It does so by comparing your mix against a reference track of your choice, as well as a general guideline for several genres. 

You can load up to 3 tracks in EXPOSE 2 for comparison. You can then select which platform you’re mastering for, such as Spotify, YouTube, CD, etc.

There is also an “All Around” preset which seems to be optimal for when you’re digitally distributing your music.

That way, you get great stats about how your song will compare with other songs across multiple platforms, mastering-wise.

EXPOSE 2 readings are divided into 4 sections for each file that you load into it. First is the perceived loudness of your track, which is provided to you in both LUFS integrated and LUFS short-term.

Then, there are peaks and true peak samples. These are crucial since you don’t want your mix to clip. True peaks are a very valuable stat, and not all analyzers measure it so it’s nice to have it in this program.

The 3rd section includes phase correlation and left/right heat maps, which help you detect phase issues and stereo balance. Finally, you get dynamic range readings as well.

Next to these 4 sections, there is a button that gives you detailed suggestions to implement to make your master more suitable for your preferred streaming service.

The waveform view is great because it will show you things like where your master is clipping (if any), or too loud based on the preset you select. 

You can also select only a segment of it and the measurements will be taken only from that segment. A handy feature especially if you have a super dynamic track.

Finally, there is a tonal balance visual, which compares the overall frequency content of your master with a given genre (which you can select)

EXPOSE 2 runs exclusively as a standalone program on 64-bit macOS and Windows machines.

Download: EXPOSE 2 (FREE until June 30 – use code EXPB100 at checkout)


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  1. The new issue of Computer Music is out this week (336) which has as free software:
    -Bitwig 8-Track v5.2
    -Mixing Night Audio LolComp CM

    But I have to wonder if Bitwig 8 Track is better as v5 ? As far as I understand it no longer includes Polysynth, but the newer Polymer.

    But what happens if you have made tracks with older version of Bitwig 8 track utilizing Polysynth, and then upgrade to find, and find it is no longer working ?

    • love bitwig but


      I had this experience and what I didn’t realize it’s not just polysynth because polymer is a great synth. My issue is all the tools and fx that NOBODY mentions you lose with that switch. Some really baffling ones like Chain and modulator types. I was truly devasted when I opened my first project pre ver.5 and about 50 items just gone. So do heed that warning if that concerns you.

    • It doesn’t ask the code until later. It’s was a little bit scary to enter buy with almost 60e but it was ok

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