Fine Classics Saturator Plugin is FREE Until June 26th


Fine Classics Plugins has made the Fine Classics Saturator available to download for free until June 26, 2024.

The plugin is available for Windows (AAX, VST) and Mac (AAX, AU, VST). 

The North American developer describes the Fine Classics Saturator as a “versatile plugin featuring seven unique saturation algorithms, a transient shaper for dynamic control, and a tone knob for effortless tonal shaping.”

Fine Classics Plugins explains that the plugin can “Enhance your audio with rich harmonics, precise dynamics, and intuitive tone adjustments, perfect for elevating any mix.”

The seven saturation algorithms included in the plugin mean that it can go from subtle warmth to aggressive distortion, and further tweaking is possible through the saturation and tone controls. 

The included transient shaper gives you precise control over the attack and sustain of the signal. 

As the developer explains, you can “Enhance the punch and clarity of your tracks by adjusting the attack to emphasize percussive elements, while the sustain control lets you fine-tune the tail for a perfect balance.”

Fine Classics Plugins notes that the plugin is ideal for drums, percussion, and “any material where dynamic presence is key.”

There is also a collection of presets included, so you can jump right in with the range of sounds on offer, as well as create your own custom presets. 

To get your free copy of the plugin, complete the checkout process from the product page. 

To complete the checkout, you’ll need to provide an email address and order details as if you’re ordering a physical product, despite the fact it’s just a plugin. 

The box for accepting marketing communications is ticked by default, although you can untick it during the checkout. 

The plugin was released last Wednesday, and one-half of Fine Classics Plugins, Ryan Fitz, produced a YouTube demo of the plugin upon release. 

You can check it out for a run-through of the features and audio demos on various sources. 

As you can hear in the YouTube demo, the plugin is quite a full-featured release, so it’s definitely a steal to pick it up for free. 

The Fine Classics Saturator is available for Windows 7 and up as well as Mac Sierra 10.12 and up. 

Fine Classics Plugins is a two-man operation run by Canadian producer Ryan Fitz and American musician Noah Deets, who are based in Hamilton, Ontario, and Washington, DC, respectively.

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Download: Fine Classics Saturator (FREE until June 26th – email required)


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