Sonniss GDC 2024 Game Audio Bundle Is A Huge FREE Sound Library


Sonniss have released a new game audio collection, the GDC 2024 Game Audio Bundle, containing 27.5+ GB of sound assets of all kinds. And best of all, it’s free.

Sonniss is a retailer of sound libraries where vendors and sound designers can sell their sample packs. The sounds range from environmental ambiance, tool noises, footsteps, and animal sounds, to pretty much anything.

During the Game Developers Conference (more commonly referred to as GDC), Sonniss releases a huge collection of sounds curated from a variety of their libraries, for free.

And this year is no different. Their GDC 2024 Game Audio Bundle is here and it is absolutely huge. We’re talking over 600 WAV files selected from hundreds of sound libraries.

Every year’s bundle is a new collection of sounds, curated from libraries added on Sonniss over the last year.

So if you’ve downloaded bundles from previous years, you’ll still get brand-new sounds to play with.

The bundle really has it all. Ambience in a variety of environments, various gun sounds, car engines, synthesized alien sounds, you name it. You can check out the full list here.

The file naming is done meticulously as well. And can be a great resource if you’re curious about sound design and want to have some insight into the process. 

Let’s use this file, for example: “Staircase_Metal_Rumble_Rattling_Vibrate_Debris_D100_Seismic_Activities_03.Wav”. You can see the exact recording gear and items used, as well as the location and sound source.

Although these sounds are geared towards game audio and sound designers, they can be great for anything that involves audio, even music. 

I can say that I use lots of sound FX when producing music and it’s great to have a large pool of samples to draw from.

According to Sonniss, you do not need to give them attribution when using these sounds. And you can “use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime”.

This is a huge plus when working with royalty-free sounds, as you won’t encounter possible copyright issues later down the road.

Sonniss have altered their Licensing Agreement though, so be sure to have a look at that for more information. 

If you want to get more out of any of the sounds, check out the corresponding sound library on their website.

GDC 2024—Game Audio Bundle is a sound library containing thousands of WAV files, which can be downloaded as zip files.

Download: GDC 2024 – Game Audio Bundle (FREE – 9-part zip file, 27.5GB+ Download)


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Soroosh is a composer, guitarist, and music producer based in Canada. His music ranges from aggressive metal, to cinematic music, to ambient soundscapes.


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