Fracture Sounds’ Blueprint: Feedback Guitar is a Free Kontakt Player Guitar Pad Library


On Wednesday, Fracture Sounds launched Blueprint: Feedback Guitar, which is a free electric guitar pad library for the free Kontakt Player. 

Feedback Guitar is a unique library that “captures the iconic Les Paul playing at its sonic extremes in a large studio.”

The developer used the samples to create “a distinctive ambient pad featuring two articulation options, a perspective shift, and our innovative pitch-bending technology first introduced with Hemisphere Guitars.”

Fracture Sounds’ Marcus Warner created a YouTube intro and demo for the library, which does an excellent job of showing what the library can do and what makes it unique.

The demo he created for the video has an ambient vibe, and could even be used for a video game soundtrack. 

The SoundCloud player embedded on the product page also features a second audio demo from Tom Bellingham, which has a fuller arrangement that includes percussion. 

Feedback Guitar can create some really evocative and interesting sounds. 

It’s definitely very impressive for a free library, and with some creativity could no doubt be used in a variety of musical contexts. 

Obviously, the library lends itself to ambient music, but it could be used to great effect in other styles for example in intros, bridges, and outros – additionally adding some colourful layering, as well as in soundtrack work. 

Fracture Sounds states that Feedback Guitar is “inspired by the sound of amps and guitars feeding back on classic rock recordings or in live situations where guitars and amps are placed in close proximity.”

The project began as a sonic experiment and bloomed into the pad instrument you hear on the full release. 

The library was recorded in the large hall of The Nave Studio One, using a Gibson Les Paul plugged into a high gain amp and large Marshall cab.

Feedback Guitar has Wild and Tame articulations, with the former including some squeals, while the latter has been edited to remove them. 

Fracture Sounds implemented programming from its Hemisphere Guitars library. This includes the held keys-only pitch bend mode, which bends only the held notes while leaving sustaining notes unaffected, providing “a more flexible playing experience.”

Feedback Guitar has a 222 MB download size, which is compressed from a 290 MB sample pool. 

The free Kontakt Player is available in 64-bit only for Windows (VST3, AAX, standalone) and Mac (VST3, AU, AAX, standalone.)

Download: Blueprint: Feedback Guitar (FREE – Kontakt Player required)


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