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Developer 2B Played makes their bitcrusher 2B Crushed free until July 10th (use coupon code 2BCRUSH to get the plugin for free).

Brian Eno once quipped that the flaws of early digital equipment would be sought after, but I don’t think he ever imagined the slew of bitcrushers on the market today.

2B Played has made a few appearances here at BPB over the years, thanks to generous giveaways, and they are back once again with a new giveaway along with their summer sale.

While you can snag plugins up to 60% off for the rest of the month, we’re focusing on 2B Crushed today, which you can snag for free with the coupon code 2BCRUSH at checkout.

2B Crushed is a tidy little digital grunge maker with a few separate controls for adjusting the sound.

The central dial controls how much digital distortion you apply. This method does away with the fine-tuning of plugins like Lossy, TAL-DAC, or Decimort, but it has merit.

If you’re not looking to futz about with different bit depths and sample rates, this might be what you’re looking for.

It comes with a mix knob, which should be standard practice for any effect plugin these days.

There is a pair of resonant filters attached, a low-pass and high-pass which come with their own drive functionality.

Finally, the controls are rounded out with a boost for a more pronounced effect on the distortion and a limiter for controlling peaking audio.

2B Played claims that 2B Crushed is the cleanest bitcrusher on the market, which seems an interesting claim for something intended to introduce aliasing and digital distortion in the first place.

In practice, I find 2B Crushed works well enough for my uses. I typically like bitcrushers directly on the drum bus, especially if I’m using something like breaks or loops.

I don’t have enough space in my studio area for a whole rack-mounted Akai sampler setup, so plugins are a necessary evil. It works admirably as a grunge maker, and the limiter is a welcome addition to any distortion plugin.

Regarding plugin hosts, 2B Crushed is available for Windows and Mac computers. You’ll need something capable of hosting VST3 or AU plugins.

Download: 2B Crushed (FREE – use code 2BCRUSH at checkout)


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