New Loopcloud Subscribers Get Free Universal Audio Pultec Passive EQ Collection


New Loopcloud subscribers will get a free Universal Audio Pultec Passive EQ Collection until August 3, 2024.

All three paid Loopcloud tiers come with the free EQ collection, namely Artist ($7.99 monthly), Studio ($11.99 monthly), and Professional ($21.99 monthly).

Universal Audio’s Pultec Passive EQ Collection promises to get you “silky‑smooth sounds with a collection of must‑have EQs.”

The Windows and macOS collection is currently available at a sale price of $49, down from a list price of $299. 

The EQ collection features emulations of Universal Audio’s high-end hardware EQs, namely the EQP‑1A, MEQ‑5, and HLF‑3C. 

If you want to try before you commit to a purchase or sub, Universal Audio does offer free trials of the EQ collection with the submission of an email address. 

Universal Audio states that the Pultec Passive EQ Collection can “breathe analog life into your vocals, drums, guitars, and synths with legendary vintage tube EQs used to sculpt over 70 years of popular music.” 

As the developer explains: “Simply run a full mix or single instrument through these EQs and hear the stunning Pultec analogue magic for yourself.”

The EQ collection has been quite a hit and has been reviewed very well by users and critics.

You can decide for yourself though, as the product page for the release features the collection on various sources, with both wet and dry signals showcased. 

The EQ collection runs on macOS and Windows without any Universal Audio hardware required.

It does, however, “run accelerated” on Apollo interfaces and UAD-2 hardware. 

The collection is available for macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer and Windows 10 and 11.

With the cheapest Loopcloud plan coming in at just $7.99, even if you canceled the plan after the first month, then picking up the EQ collection for $7.99 is a pretty nice deal.

Loopcloud certainly does have its uses, though. 

Loopcloud is a music production tool offering a collection of over four million royalty-free sounds, loops and samples that cover a range of genres. 

The software is available for macOS and Windows and is enhanced by AI-powered search and filtering to find what you need quickly. 

Loopcloud can operate in standalone mode or via the Loopcloud plugin, which is available in VST, AU or AAX formats, thus integrating with your DAW. 

Check out the deal: Loopcloud Subscription (Get Universal Audio Pultec Passive EQ Collection for FREE until August 3rd)


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  1. FL Studio 2024 is released now, and the benefits are in the clouds:

    Users of FL Cloud Free – available to all FL Studio owners and FL Studio Trial users – get 10 plugins, a curated library of 15,000 sounds, and AI-powered mastering with a default preset.

    • The 10 free plugs (UVI Workstation is listed as a free plug):

      NI Ignition Keys
      Ozone Elements
      Baby Audio Super VHS
      UVI Workstation + Model D
      Melda MVibratoMB
      WA Prod Heat 2 & ComBustor
      United Plugins FirePresser & Mirror

    • Yes. If you’ve cancelled them before.

      I got an error that said “Your IP address has already been used for a free trial, please proceed to continue with a monthly subscription.”


          • Rare is a solid EQ, but you should give Kiive Audio’s Warmy EQ a shot as well, especially as it’s free—it’s one of my favorites. alongside Black Rooster’s. I’m not sure if the Warmy V1 is still around now that V2 is out, but they have different curves, and I find them both useful. (It’s modeled after a different-than-usual “pultec.”)

    • Michal Ochedowski


      I don’t quite grasp the idea. Should the license be in my Focusrite account? I logged in but there was no indication that any additional license has been stored there.

      • Hi Michal, there should be an email from Focusrite about it, you need to use the link in the email to go direct to the page which contains your serial number 🙏

        • Michal Ochedowski


          Thanks for the info. I only received email from Baby Audio with the link to download the plugin. I suppose it is only for the chosen ones.

        • Michal Ochedowski


          Four days ago someone on Cakewalk forums mentioned that this Comeback Kid promo is only for registered Focusrite or Novation hardware owners. Mystery solved.

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