iZotope Ozone 11 Elements is FREE at Sweetwater (US-only)


iZotope is among the leading brands in the pro-audio industry when it comes to mixing and mastering tools and now you can grab iZotope Ozone 11 Elements for free at Sweetwater (US-only).

Ozone is a mastering suite and has long been one of the developer’s flagship products. Ozone 11 (Elements/Standard/Advanced) is the latest version of the industry-standard software, and it’s excellent.

The downside is that it’s expensive, and even on sale, the Advanced version will still set you back somewhere around £200.

Ozone 11 Elements, on the other hand, isn’t overly expensive and offers a lite version of Ozone at a much-reduced price (or, in this case, free if you’re in the United States).

To get Ozone 11 Elements for free, Sweetwater asks for a few details in return. You must complete a short form with your name, email, address, and phone number.

I know the requested details will deter some folks, but it might make the comments fun.

Ozone 11 Elements might lack some of the features of the more expensive versions, but it’s a powerful mastering toolkit nonetheless.

It features iZotope’s AI-powered Master Assistant, which has been overhauled and improved since the last release to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and standards.

It also features iZotope’s Upward Compress function, which aims to deliver transparent compression while boosting quiet areas and preserving fast transients.

Another of the most used tools is the Stabilizer module. This mastering EQ allows you to shape your mix and remove any unwanted harshness for maximum clarity.

One of the most significant improvements in recent years is that Ozone is more user-friendly. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can put Ozone 11 Elements to work immediately.

If you’re not in the United States, all is not lost; you have a few options. Firstly, you can head to iZotope’s website and pick up Neutron Elements for free (free at the time of writing) just to feel like you got something for nothing.

Secondly, Plugin Boutique offers a 45% discount on Ozone 11 Elements. If you buy it there, you’ll receive this month’s gift: AudioThing’s Frostbite 2 or EQuivocate by Newfangled Audio.

Download: iZotope Ozone 11 Elements (FREE @ Sweetwater – US only)


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  1. Izotope overpriced


    Even if you are not is USA you can still get this for free (well I could and I’m in UK)

    Use your normal email address
    In the form that Sweetwater want completed on their web page (using link provided by BPB)
    enter a US address – eg Wall Street
    zip code – 10000
    then a phone number (917) xxxxxxxxxxx (in NY/US format) I’ll leave you to chose a number
    you’ll receive an email with a valid serial number to enter into the Izotope product portal and install it

    • Can confirm that this worked for me. Malaysian here! :)

      Fun fact, in the Sweetwater form I entered the Boston office address of Plugin Alliance (part of Native Instruments & iZotope), just for a LOL!! XD

    • is it legal to protect your family from mandated experimental drugs? NOPE. So who’s permission are you waiting for?

  2. Thank you on the tip,and the news! Sadly this new version 11 of Ozone elements is too cripled, stripped down of “elements”. Only one windows with 5 sliders! I have Ozone 9 Elements and although lacking this “fancy AI” page, it gives you access to a fully functional EQ, Maximizer, stereo enhancer pages. In a way i find this a step back! Nevertheless Thank you BPB team!

    • I also redeemed Ozone 9 Elements a couple years back, but I still wanted Ozone 11 Elements just to see what all the fuss regarding AI mastering improvements was about. I’m thinking that i’ll try to experiment using 11 for an AI “guesstimation” pass, then perhaps use 9 for further fine tuning, see how it goes.

      • I also have these exact two versions. I do mastering with Ozone 9 Elements and after mastering I put Ozone 11 Elements in front of it, turning off its limiter and vocal balance and making very fine adjustments to the other faders, and it always gives me 5-10% plus, especially EQ cleans up the moody sound on the song, I don’t know how it does it but it works for me.

  3. Thanks James, BPB, Angie, Bob & Sweetwater, nice offer & much appreciated 🙏
    This video is for version 11 of Ozone Elements but the offer in this video has expired now, so its just a demo of how to use it


    I like how Audiolens references can be used & the Ozone vocal slider, its clever but would like more overall control, maybe in the standard version

  4. Arrgghh! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

    We are so sorry for the delay in delivering your software! While most software orders process immediately, something about your order did not verify correctly. This can usually be resolved quickly during business hours.

    Fortunately, you do not need to submit another order for the software! We have assigned someone to investigate and personally see your order through the system. We’ll contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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