Waves Audio Giving Away MetaFilter Plugin Until July 8


Waves Audio and KVR Audio teamed up to give away Waves’ MetaFilter plugin this week.

The promotion started on July 2nd and will finish on July 8, 2024. 

To pick up your free copy of MetaFilter, which is a Windows and macOS release, complete the entry form at the KVR Audio page linked below. 

Waves describe MetaFilter as a creative filter plugin that delivers “analog filter tones with super creative modulation.”

The Waves website has a sale running at the moment, so MetaFilter is currently available for $30, down from the list price of $149.

Waves states that the plugin “transforms filtering into a creativity machine… MetaFilter makes synths, drums, guitars, bass, and samples of all types breathe, move, and excite.”

The plugin offers six modes, envelope following, LFO and sequencer control, drive and bit-crushing options, delay, sidechain and MIDI learn. 

As Waves explains, you can “have MetaFilter add subtle animation or go for sequenced resonance and wild LFO textures. Shovel some dirt on the sound, or keep it clean—from DJ to sound design, MetaFilter does it all.”

The MetaFilter filter curves are HP, LP, BP, notch, comb, and VCA.

The plugin offers a sequencer with up to 16 steps, and 90 presets so you can jump into the action fast.

The latter would definitely be useful for first-time users, as there’s a lot to take in on the user interface at first glance. 

Waves host the tutorial and plugin tour videos for MetaFilter on the product page for the release.

As these videos display, the release is marketed squarely at electronic musicians, but of course, with such a feature-packed plugin, there’s plenty of room for applications in other styles. 

Waves originally dropped MetaFilter back in March 2014, so it’s no spring chicken, but hey, it definitely still gets the job done. 

You’ll need a free KVR Audio account to enter the draw, and both existing and new users are eligible to enter.

To create the KVR account, you’ll need to provide a name, country, and email address.

There are fields to sign up for the KVR marketing communications, but these are optional and not engaged by default. 

Note that once you receive your copy of MetaFilter, you’ll need to register the serial number with Waves before 9am EST, July 10, 2024. There is a link to do so on the KVR competition page. 

Download: MetaFilter (FREE until July 8th – KVR registration needed)


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  1. Thanks Steve, BPB, KVR & Waves, i got my V15 licence, info is very much appreciated as ever, an awesome plugin 🙏😊💛

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