Rigid Audio Releases FREE Kontakt Library Stompbox


Rigid Audio has released Stompbox, a set of 32 cinematic/hybrid drum and percussion kits for Kontakt 6.4.2.

The need for deep, foreboding drums sometimes presents itself when you’re deep into composing cinematic scores.

Thankfully, if you can’t afford a hugely expensive cinematic drum library, Rigid Audio has you covered – Stompbox retailed for $39, but you can snag the whole library for free.

So, what’s included in Stompbox? You’ve got 32 kits, derived from 850 included samples. Unfortunately, you’ll need a full Kontakt license to make the most of the scripting.

The included presets cover percussion, drums, and even some bass elements. You will have to do the sequencing yourself, but that isn’t too bad.

Sound-wise, I think this is an excellent library for the cost of nothing. You’ve got plenty of control over the sounds themselves.

There is an option to filter, adjust attack and release, and even send things out to the effects unit included with the library. Effects are somewhat typical inclusions. Tape saturation, two reverbs, and a compressor are what you can expect alongside a master filter for getting things seated in a mix.

The drums themselves have plenty of power to them. Bass samples provided plenty of low-end grit.

Having this in a comprehensive package puts it ahead of some of the other Rigid Audio offerings, in my opinion, at least. I do think the lack of a sequencer does hinder it in some cases, but that’s purely preference.

I lack the full version of Kontakt, but my 15 minutes of tinkering did yield results that paired well with other software like Omnisphere and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

I do love the reverbs included; they certainly make things sound dark and foreboding. The lack of control over the parameters bugs me, but that’s fine, I can always go to my preferred reverbs if needed.

To run Stompbox, you’ll need a full version of Kontakt. Version 6.4.2 or higher is supported, so make sure your license is up to date.

With all the recent cinematic freebies given away, I wouldn’t be shocked to see some stellar scores come out from people who have barely spent a dime to make their next hit.

Download: Stompbox (FREE – Full licence of Kontakt 6.4.2 or above required)


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  1. Appreciate the effort of testing it out for the sake of this review (despite not having a full Kontakt license), William F. :)

  2. free kontakt player library: the orchestra elements by sonuscore

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