Wavelet Audio Releases Free Pulse Box Library For Kontakt Player


Recently, Wavelet Audio released the free Pulse Box cinematic pulse library for the free Kontakt Player

The library was made for Kontakt Player, so you can use it without limitations, even if you don’t own the full version of Kontakt. 

Wavelet Audio describes Pulse Box as vibrant and dynamic cinematic pulses. The library is primarily designed for trailer and cinematic music, although it can be used in any genre. 

The developer states, “Whether you’re working on a movie trailer, a video game, or just want to add powerful pulses to your music, this library gives you all the tools you need to achieve that professional, cinematic sound.”

Pulse Box features 30 unique pulses and three different dynamic levels, which means that “you can adjust each pulse in live to play with different volume and dynamics using mod wheel and/or velocity modulation, depending on the needs of your project.”

The library’s size is 597 MB, and it is in 48 kHz (96 kHz), 24-bit WAV files. 

There’s a brief demo and tutorial video on the product page for Pulse Box. 

The audio in the demo brings to mind the soundtrack to a Terminator movie. I could definitely see how this would be a great addition to the toolbox if you were doing soundtrack work, as well as electronic or industrial music. 

You can use Kontakt Player to sync the pulses with your track tempo, or you can use the WAV files directly. Both options retain the original quality of the audio. 

To download the free Pulse Box, you’ll need to complete the checkout process on the Wavelet Audio website, which requires an email and phone number. 

The library also requires online registration via Native Access. 

Once you get it up and running, Pulse Box is compatible with Komplete Kontrol and all NKS Standard hardware and software from Native Instruments.

Kontakt Player is available in 64-bit only for Windows (VST3, AAX, standalone) and Mac (VST3, AU, AAX, standalone.) 

Wavelet Audio offers a range of sample libraries, with the bread and butter of the company being cinematic audio offerings. 

They do, however, offer a range of other products, such as the eight-string guitar virtual instrument Cabal 8. 

Pulse Box is the third free release from Wavelet Audio, with the developer’s other two freebies being Trailer Ambient Tools and Hard Drum Loops.

Download: Pulse Box (FREE – email required)


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