Sónimus Realeases SonEQ, A Freeware EQ VST


Just when you’re happy with your EQ arsenal, a new developer pops out of nowhere with a freebie plugin worth checking out.

The Sónimus website is in Spanish, but from what I’ve managed to understand this seems to be their first VST release. It’s coded in C++, has a built-in preamp sim, and according to my quick and dirty test, seems pretty usable. SonEQ sounds very good and it hits only 2% CPU on my netbook.

Looking forward to more stuff from Sónimus!


  • 3-band EQ curves simulating vintage equipment
  • Simulation of pre-amplifier and Bass Boost control
  • Woow Control (all-pass filter) creator of psychoacoustic effects
  • Work internally to an accuracy of 64 bits
  • Supports sample ratos above 192 kHz
  • Windows VST Format 2.4 of 32 bits
  • Programmed entirely in C ++ framework with the help of WDL


Download SonEQ: click here

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