Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (FREE Orchestral Sample Library)!


Big announcement posted yesterday in the Reaper forums! Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, a free orchestral sample library in SFZ format is now released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license and available for download.

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra was created by Mattias Westlund, a Swedish musician and composer who collected all of the highest quality royalty free orchestral samples from around the web, cleaned them up, sorted them into folders, and turned them into this highly polished, freely downloadable orchestral library. The current version of Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra contains 16-bit WAV samples, as well as SFZ patches which can be used in freeware sampler instruments such as Grace, Zampler and sforzando.

This free sample collection will certainly not be able to rival the commercial orchestral sample libraries in terms of quality and scope, but it was made with a lot of care, and is certainly the best set of orchestral samples that you can get for free at the moment (update: Versilian Studios is now offering the fantastic VSCO 2 Community Edition as a free download, it’s well worth checking out). More info on how the collection was made can be found on the product page linked below.

Due to the library’s relatively large size, the official download is a torrent file. There are also a number of direct download mirrors available on the download page.

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra is available for free download via Mattias Westlund’s website (440 MB download size, ZIP archive, 16-bit WAV format).

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