Plogue Introduces Free TableWarp2 Instrument For sforzando


Plogue celebrates their 15th anniversary with the release of TableWarp2, a freely downloadable wavetable/PD synthesizer for sforzando, based on the original TableWarp plugin for Jeskola Buzz.

TableWarp2 offers a combination of wavetable and phase distortion synthesis, packed in a beautifully designed user interface. The instrument is sample-based (the two wavetable oscillators are based on sixteen sampled waveforms), however its sound engine is very versatile. It is capable of generating anything from classic chiptune sounds and FM patches to modern mid-range heavy basses and more aggressive dubstep noises. The two oscillators can be scanned and warped, as well as modulated using a low frequency oscillator and ADSR envelopes. The modulation wheel can be used to control the LFO speed.

Being a sample-based instrument, TableWarp2 is incredibly easy on the processor, never exceeding 4-5% CPU usage on our test machine. The CPU hit rises by another 2-3% when the built-in reverb effect is switched on, but that is still quite low by modern standards.

TableWarp2 is distributed with the latest version of the freeware sforzando sampler. It comes with a nice factory library of 36 presets (or snapshots as they’re labeled in sforzando), covering classic FM percussion bass, pads and percussion sounds, along with a set of drums and chiptune style patches.

Plogue Art Et Technologie has entered the music software scene back in October 2000 with a free VST plugin called Rebuilder. In the meanwhile, they have released an arsenal of fantastic music making tools, including top of the line freeware such as sforzando and Alter/Ego, along with Bidule, chipsound, and other premium software. Happy 15th anniversary Plogue and we’re looking forward to more fantastic software from you in the years to come!


TableWarp2 is available for free download via Plogue (12.5 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi/AUi plugin formats for Windows & Mac OS, the installer includes the new TableWarp2 instrument).

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