Mastrcode Music Releases T-Force Trance Gate For Windows (Freeware)

T-Force Trance Gate by Mastrcode Music.

T-Force Trance Gate by Mastrcode Music.

Mastrcode Music has released T-Force Trance Gate, a freeware trance gate effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

T-Force Trance Gate is a Trance Gate VST-Effect for rhythmic gate effects triggered by a full envelope controlled step sequencer.

T-Force Trance Gate is available for free download via Mastrcode Music (1.8MB download size, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

This effect is the second release in the T-Force VST plugin series by Mastrcode Music. They’ve previously released T-Force Alpha TS, a free virtual synthesizer designed for use in trance music.

T-Force Trance Gate is an unusually robust trance gate effect. Apart from the basic trance gate functionality, it also features a built-in resonant filter, as well as delay and reverb units.

Audio Demo

Check out the T-Force Trance Gate audio demo:


Download T-Force Trance Gate: click here

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  1. the T-Force Trance Synth seriously kicks ass too. Who is Mastrcode? The gui doesn’t distract for being “too design oriented” like Dune for example, (which looks so ‘good’ it takes away from my workflow,) but the T-Force stuff sounds as good as ReFx. Is that an Artsacoustic reverb in there? This Mastrcode stuff is seriously good.