r0b0.coder – A Free Max/MSP Effect Processor By Alessio Mellina

r0b0.coder by Alessio Mellina.

r0b0.coder by Alessio Mellina.

Alessio Mellina has released r0b0.coder, a free standalone real-time multi-effect processor unit created with Max/MSP.

r0b0.coder is a standalone multi-effect processor I created using Max/MSP. It features a series of different real-time processing techniques that can be applied to a live input or .wav samples.

r0b0.coder is available for free download via Alessio Mellina’s website (11.9MB download size, standalone application for Windows and Mac OS X).

Fortunately, it is not necessary to install Max/MSP in order to use this app. You can simply download the r0b0.coder ZIP package and start using the program right away.

And yeah, the app is definitely loads of fun to use! I was able to create some totally weird alien noises in no time, simply by clapping next to the laptop microphone and using r0b0.coder as the single effect processor.

Audio Demo

Check out the r0b0.coder audio demo:


Download r0b0.coder: click here

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