WOK Releases The “Flan-W” Free Flanger Guitar Pedal VST Plugin

Flan W by WOK.

Flan W by WOK.

WOK has released Flan-W, a freeware flanger guitar pedal simulation in VST plugin format for Windows (made with Synthedit 1.1).

FLAN-W is a free flanger effect for Windows VST hosts. The speed, depth and feedback of the effect can be adjusted in a wide range.

FLAN-W is available for free download via WOK’s website (2.2MB download size, contains 1 effect in VST plugin format for Windows).

Then plugin features a standard guitar flanger design, with speed, depth, feedback and mix controls. Unfortunately, no audio or video demos are available yet.

By the way, the dev has stated that donations and/or Facebook likes are welcome, although absolutely not required in order to get the download link. Thanks WOK!

Audio Demo

Check out the Flan-W audio demo:


Download Flan-W: click here

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