Headroom Piano Is A FREE Piano Sample Pack By Bengt Nilsson


Bengt Nilsson has released Headroom Piano, a high-quality freely downloadable piano sample library for Native Instrument Kontakt.

Headroom Piano features the sounds of a Yamaha C3 that was recorded in a 120 m² room. The samples feature a good amount of natural room sound. Thankfully, Bengt Nilsson has created a custom Kontakt patch that allows the user to adjust the balance between close and ambiance microphones. If you don’t like the sound of the room where the piano was recorded, set the volume of the ambiance microphones to zero and use a third-party reverb plugin instead.

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The instrument patch for Kontakt includes five velocity layers with two microphone placements and offers controls for the built-in equalizer and stereo spread effects. You’ll find four different presets in the pack, each with differently adjusted parameter settings.

Keep in mind that the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt is required in order to play the samples without limitations since the individual WAV files are not included. It would be awesome if the pack gets converted to SFZ format in the future or some other freely available format.

Headroom Piano is one of the best free piano sample packs I’ve ever heard. I seriously recommend downloading this one and adding it to your sample collection.

Download: Headroom Piano (196 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 4 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt)

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