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Scratch it! Is A Free Vinyl Scratch VST Plugin Effect By Z3 Audiolabs

Scratch it! by Z3 Audiolabs.

Scratch it! by Z3 Audiolabs.

Z3 Audiolabs has released Scratch it!, a freeware virtual vinyl scratch and tape stop effect in VST plugin format for Windows optimized for live use.

Scratch it! is a free scratch / tapestop vst plugin for windows, it is specially created for live scratching and tapestop effects. With the envelope you can define how the stop button works on the audiosignal, it allows you to define up to 16 points in a synchronized beat grid, like this the stop button can act as “scratch sequence”.

Scratch it! is available for free download via Z3 Audiolabs (2.5 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

So, how does Scratch it! work? Basically, the idea is to trigger a pre-defined scratching motion using the scratch wheel. The user can emulate a vinyl scratch motion using the tempo synced sequencer with 16 customizable points. This scratch motion is than triggered with variable speed and playback orientation. If all of this sounds too confusing, simply download the plugin and give it a go. The workflow is actually quite simple and intuitive. A handy user manual in PDF format is also included inside the download pack.

Scratch it! also works well for emulating the popular tape start/stop effect. Simply draw a short declining curve to make the pitch slow down gradually, like it would happen if you turned off the turntable or hit stop on a tape deck.

If you like the idea of drawing curves to control your audio signal, you should also check out PanCake 2 by Cableguys. The plugin is completely free and controls the stereo panning in the same way that the plugin featured in this article controls the pitch.

On a related note, Z3 Audiolabs has also released a couple of commercial VST plugin effects for Windows. You’ll find more info and screenshots on their official website.

Video Demo

Check out the Scratch it! demo video:


Download Scratch it!

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  1. I was always skeptic about idea of emulating scratch, but it is actually pretty good according to this video !

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