Free Acoustic Drum Sample Library By Paul Godfrey Of Morcheeba


Paul Godfrey of Morcheeba fame has released Morcheeba Beat Treats, a free collection of acoustic drum samples which have been recorded with advanced miking techniques in order to sound similar to drum machine sounds.

Here’s a selection of my first batch of acoustic drum samples. These are not layered, they are 6 different bass drums. Any reverb is the natural sound of my courtyard which I’m sure you can lose with envelopes and convert them to mono if you don’t like it.

UPDATE: It seems that some parts of the pack are not available for download anymore. Hopefully, they’ll be re-uploaded soon!

The samples were recorded in Paul Godfrey’s backyard. They come with loads of natural reverb which can be removed by setting a shorter decay in your drum sampler of choice. I prefer to keep these long natural reverbs, though. They add a nice lively vibe to drum grooves. Apart from the natural reverb, the included drum samples were further processed with software effects to sweeten the sound.

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The drums were miked with four different microphones which were positioned and mixed together with the goal of making these acoustic drum sounds resemble drum machine samples. This worked especially well on the kicks which sound huge, with a thick bottom end. The snares are also incredibly warm and punchy.

The Morcheeba Beat Treats drum sample collection currently consists of four separate download packs, including kicks, snares, sidesticks, and hi-hats. All in all, this is one of the most original free acoustic drum sample collections around. And how often do we get awesome sounding free samples from a musical act such as Morcheeba? Once in forever? Grab this one while it’s still available.

Morcheeba Beat Treats is available for free download via GS Forums (ZIP archive, 4 separate download packs, 24-bit WAV format)

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  1. it says on GS he won’t be re-upping the links that expired, but is okay with other people putting them up for download.
    i hope someone can help me find the kicks and snares packs

  2. Looking forward to get these samples, I am really interested in acoustic samples that sound close to electronic!

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