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This article covers the best free chorus plugins for Windows and macOS. For more software, return to our directory of freeware VST plugins.

The chorus is an essential modulation effect. Yes, it’s not as instantly recognizable as distortion or autotune. But, it can quickly turn a dull audio source into a lush-sounding piece of audio.

Simply put, a chorus adds depth, warmth, and richness to an audio recording by mixing it with multiple slightly detuned copies of the original signal.

Unsurprisingly, most synthesizers include a chorus effect of some sort. A touch of chorusing will make a pad sound warmer and a lead sound bigger.

The chorus also sounds nice on acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, strings, and vocals.

To help you find your next chorus plugin, we included only the very best in this list.

You can leave your suggestions in the comments section below if you think the list should be updated with another plugin or even multiple plugins.

Best Free Chorus Plugins of 2024

These are the best freeware chorus effects in 2024:

  • Azurite by Distorque
  • Multiply by Acon Digital
  • Valhalla Space Modulator by Valhalla DSP
  • DLYM by Imaginando
  • Blue Cat’s Chorus by Blue Cat Audio
  • Magic Switch by BABY Audio
  • TAL-Chorus-LX by Togu Audio Line
  • Kilohearts Chorus by Kilohearts
  • SVEP by Klevgränd Produktion
  • Chorus GAS by Stone Voices
  • OSL Chorus by Oblivion Sound Lab

Read the full article below for more information about each plugin.

Azurite by Distorque

Azurite is a free chorus plugin by Distorque Audio

Azurite would definitely be my pick if you asked me to recommend a single freeware chorus. The plugin is lightweight and versatile, offering a broad palette of modulation capabilities without being too complicated.

The included factory presets cover various chorus types, ranging from subtle chorusing to crazy modulation stuff and even short slap-back delays.

Azurite is my go-to chorus plugin for guitars or vocals, especially when the sound only requires a light modulation touch. This is where Azurite truly shines, as it modulates the signal musically.

The included presets are very good, too. You can use them as the starting point for creating custom chorus effects, but loading a preset and leaving it as-is will do the job most of the time.

To summarize, Azurite is my favorite free chorus plugin for Windows.


Because it’s an excellent-sounding modulation workhorse with loads of possible settings and a straightforward workflow. The CPU hit is relatively low, and I’ve never had any instability issues with the plugin.

By the way, the developer Distorque Audio also offers an excellent range of virtual guitar distortion pedals, so check out the rest of their site while visiting to grab your free copy of Azurite.

macOS users will be disappointed because Azurite is Windows-only. On the bright side, it supports 32-bit and 64-bit DAW applications on Windows. Our next entry is Mac-compatible, though, and it’s one of the best free chorus effects you can download right now.

Download: Azurite (32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows)

Multiply by Acon Digital

Multiply is a FREE chorus plugin by Acon Digital

As a winner of the KVR Developer Challenge, Multiply by Acon Digital is a free chorus plugin worthy of your attention. It works on Windows and macOS and works in most DAWs.

Multiply is a modern chorus effect that uses phase randomizing filters on each of the six voices to avoid unwanted comb filter effects. The plugin includes a simple equalizer and a pre-delay section, which can be used to create modulated echo effects.

The interface is slick and modern-looking, with an intuitive control layout. One of my favorite features of the plugin is the A/B testing switch, which allows you to test different settings against each other without running multiple plugin instances on the same channel.

Most importantly, Multiply can produce rather complex modulation effects that set it apart from other chorus plugins.

Multiply sounds fantastic on electric pianos and guitars. I also use it to fatten up lead vocals without smudging or making them sound artificial. You can try using it as a subtle doubling effect on your vocals and leads.

Download: Multiply (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac)

Valhalla Space Modulator by Valhalla DSP

Valhalla Space Modulator

Valhalla Space Modulator is a versatile modulation effect from the same DSP mastermind who brought us the incredible Valhalla Super Massive reverb.

Despite its simple-looking GUI, Valhalla Space Modulator is a modulation workhorse. With eleven modulation algorithms, it is capable of much more than simple chorusing. However, it really shines as a lush chorus effect on synths and guitars.

The plugin comes with 70 built-in presets covering various modulation settings. There are many chorus presets to choose from, so you can quickly load the Valhalla Space Modulator as an insert and add some depth to the processed track.

Valhalla Space Modulator is compatible with all plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

Download: Valhalla Space Modulator (Windows, macOS)

DLYM by Imaginando

DLYM 2.0 by Imaginando

If you like to keep your plugin folder small, why not combine flanger and chorus effects in a single VST? In that case, look no further than DLYM, a free delay modulator plugin from Imaginando!

DLYM offers two distinct processing modes – Analog emulation and Dimension style – each delivering a unique modulation flavor. The Analog mode delivers a cleaner sound, while the Dimension mode offers a more dramatic effect, possibly inspired by the Roland Dimension D studio chorus effect.

Imaginando’s free chorus also boasts a modulation engine with six different waveforms – Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Sample & Hold, and Filtered Sample & Hold – and optional host sync.

The Crossover control can be applied to a specific frequency range, and the Spread control adjusts the stereo width of the output signal. To help users get started, Imaginando included a preset manager with 25 factory patches.

DLYM works on Windows and macOS. It can also be used as an AUv3 plugin on your iOS device.

Download: DLYM (64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS. AUv3 plugin format for iOS)

Blue Cat’s Chorus by Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat's Chorus by Blue Cat Audio

Those searching for a simple yet customizable freeware chorus shouldn’t look further than Blue Cat’s Chorus.

This neat chorus freebie has been around for almost a decade as part of Blue Cat Audio’s freeware suite. Despite its old age, Blue Cat’s Chorus is continuously updated to stay compatible with modern-day systems.

The product page describes Blue Cat’s Chorus as a vintage chorus effect, but I wouldn’t necessarily limit it to the vintage category. While it can achieve that retro chorus sound, Blue Cat’s free chorusing plugin can also sound nice and modern with the correct settings.

The plugin user interface is also fully editable, and various free skins are available on the developer’s website. The default GUI looks fine, but customizing a plugin’s appearance is always fun. 

Blue Cat’s Chorus supports all major plugin formats on Windows and Mac. One thing is for sure – you won’t have any compatibility issues with this little chorus unit.

Download: Blue Cat’s Chorus (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX/RTAS/DX plugin for Win & Mac)

Magic Switch by BABY Audio

Magic Switch by BABY Audio

Magic Switch is a lo-fi chorus effect inspired by the classic analog ‘one-button’ chorus FX modules built into synthesizers in the 80s. It is based on the same algorithms used for the “Magic” button in BABY Audio’s popular Super VHS plugin.

I love how Magic Switch instantly delivers that washed-out and slightly out-of-tune chorusing effect reminiscent of 80s synth music. Lo-fi and synthwave producers will appreciate this, too.

If you’re inspired by the sounds of 80s movie themes and warbled VHS tapes, then Magic Switch chorus is a must-have free chorus. It delivers the wobbly, dark, and intentionally unstable chorus sound we’ve all grown to love while watching VHS tapes and listening to audio cassettes.

Check out the excellent TAL-Chorus-LX below for a similar but less lo-fi plugin.

Download: Magic Switch (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin for Win & Mac)

TAL-Chorus-LX by Togu Audio Line


TAL-Chorus-LX is based on the chorus module from Togu Audio Line’s Roland JUNO-60 analog synthesizer emulation called TAL-U-NO-LX. According to the audio comparisons on SoundCloud, the plugin sounds almost identical to the Juno-60 chorus.

Featuring only three knobs and two buttons, this lovely vintage chorus plugin is the most straightforward effect on the list. I often use it to add a bit of movement and stereo width to synthesizer patches.

Producers who like their chorus effects to be simple and retro-sounding should definitely add TAL-Chorus-LX to their plugin collection. With only three knobs and two buttons, TAL’s freebie chorus is user-friendly without compromising sound quality.

PRO TIP: Be sure to grab the old (v1.3.1) version of TAL-Chorus. In my opinion, it sounds even more beautiful than the new one.

Download: TAL-Chorus-LX (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Kilohearts Chorus

Kilohearts Chorus

Kilohearts Chorus is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a no-frills chorus effect, and you’ll love it if you like simple plugins.

Unlike the Magic Switch and TAL-Chorus-LX, which sound intentionally retro and lo-fi, this Kilohearts freebie is just a plain chorus effect. It sounds nice and clean and is easy to operate thanks to its simple control layout.

Kilohearts Chorus has six controls and a user interface that’s hard to beat in terms of simplicity. It’s also incredibly lightweight and won’t strain your CPU even if you use dozens of instances.

Most importantly, you can combine it with other Kilohearts snapins to create complex effects. Or, simply load it in your DAW if you need a simple chorus and your plugin host lacks one.

Download: Kilohearts Essentials (Windows, macOS)

SVEP by Klevgränd Produktion

Svep chorus effect by Klevgränd Produktion

SVEP is one of my favorite free chorus effects on this list. I am a big fan of simple plugins that simply can’t sound bad, and SVEP ticks both of those boxes.

The interface is one of SVEP’s best features. It makes it incredibly easy to switch between chorusing, phasing, and flagging or utilize some combination of those three effects.

I found that SVEP is a perfect plugin to load on an audio track that lacks “something” to sound full. It will instantly make the audio more interesting without completely altering the signal.

SVEP is an excellent free chorus to add to your arsenal, especially if you also need phasing and flanging effects.

Download: SVEP

Chorus GAS by Stone Voices

Chorus GAS by Stone Voices

If you like experimenting with complex modulation, Chorus GAS is probably the perfect free chorus for you.

Chorus GAS provides a versatile toolset to experiment with chorus, flanger, phaser, and vibrato effects. These modulation options inherently possess similar characteristics but are applied in various manners and degrees.

By layering multiple time and pitch-based modulation effects, you can produce results that go far beyond simple chorusing.

In a way, Chorus GAS treats your audio signal like a synthesizer engine treats an oscillator. You can use it to modulate your audio recordings, detune them, and then stack multiple layers to create exciting new sounds.

It’s the mad scientist of free chorus effects, and you should definitely download it if your current modulation toolkit lacks versatility,

Download: Chorus GAS

OSL Chorus by Oblivion Sound Lab

Free Juno 60 Chorus Effect VST/AU Plugin By Oblivion Sound Lab

OSL Chorus is another freeware plugin inspired by the Roland Juno 60 synthesizer chorus.

Striving for authenticity, the OSL Chorus aims to deliver the beloved Juno 60 chorus while offering customization options that weren’t available on the original hardware.

You can access a suite of adjustable modulation parameters, such as LFO rate, modulation depth, offset, and filter cutoff control. The plugin also includes a dry/wet signal volume adjustment for easy parallel processing.

OSL Chorus covers various chorus effects, from subtle to bold modulations. Unlike its hardware counterpart, the OSL Chorus can process both stereo and mono audio sources, enhancing its utility by broadening the spatial quality of mono tracks.

The interface is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It subtly nods to the Juno 60’s design without fully embracing its iconic blue and yellow color scheme.

Download: OSL Chorus

Extended List of Free Chorus Plugins

Cesium is an interesting freeware chorus by Green Oak Software, the same developer who created the Crystal synthesizer. 

CH4D by Jovan Koncar (discontinued) was an interesting four-voice chorus effect that uses an advanced LFO to modulate each delayed voice to achieve natural-sounding results. A worthy pick for Windows users looking for an easy-to-use chorus tool.

Dust Bucket by signaldust (discontinued) was a freeware bucket-brigade chorus effect. The developer aimed to create a clean chorus effect without additional non-linear behavior.

The plugin can also do some other modulation effects, such as flanger. It’s worth a look if you’re looking for a clean chorus effect. Thanks to our reader Duckett for suggesting Dust Bucket in the comments section below!

The developer signaldust also offers a brilliant freeware room reverb plugin called Tila, which is included in our round-up of free reverb effects.

Free Chorus Plugins Summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of freeware chorus effects! Here’s a brief summary to help you find your new favorite chorus as quickly as possible.

If you need a chorus effect with many customization options, download Azurite or Multiply. If you prefer straightforward chorusing tools that are easy to use, download TAL-Chorus-LX or Magic Switch.

Blue Cat’s Chorus provides a nice middle-ground, offering decent customization while remaining easy to use.

Return to our Free VST Plugins page for more freeware plugins and instruments.

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  1. Im using FLStudio.
    With Azurite does anybody else have the problem of its lfo section not syncing in to any start point?
    Means it will always be at a different phase when you render/play a song.
    This is a problem with 95% of time synced lfo based effects.
    I got mine sorted out. But it makes this great sounding Azurite useless.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog


      Never spotted that behavior with Azurite, but that’s simply because I’ve never used it for time synced LFO effects. I know what you mean though, as I’ve had similar issues with TAL-Elek7ro back when it was one of my go-to virtual analog synthesizers. How did you get this sorted out?

  2. Hello.
    Well I tried probably every plugin that there is.
    And There are a few capable of being at the same phase, no matter where or when you start/render a song. For some reason they sync up with song position.
    *Classic Auto-Filter (LFO section)
    *TAL-Filter 2
    *Noisebud Filter
    *LFX-1310 (Phaser/Flanger Effect)

    And there are two timed Gate-Effects that stay in-sync always.
    *DVS NeonGate

  3. Incoming two-cents worth:
    Orange Chorus does not save its settings in REAPER projects. Azurite will generate nasty noises in a REAPER project if you use more than one instance (unless you set it to buggy compatibility mode.)Orange Chorus and Azurite do not reset their LFOs on project replay. IMHO, Classic Chorus and Multiply are the only decently coded plugins here for just a straight chorus (although Dust Bucket has a lovely sound and some useful options.)

  4. Classic Chorus for me. Also Acon Multiply is quite different than the rest imo. Its really cool with the FM and AM part, also the eq part. Blue Cat’s Chorus is also nice, but i dont use that very often. Also, Azurite is a very capable plugin with some very cool features. Love that one myself. :)

  5. best blog ever. love the 3 up, alpha list below format. thanks for staying vigilant, iii’m here thankpHeL for you.

  6. Bryan Blackburn


    found some new free plugins yesterday from Wampler he released the univibe. dimension D and envelope filter algos from his pedal terraform

  7. Christian H


    Kilohearts Ensemble, Oblivion Sound Lab Chorus, Xfer Dimension Expander, SuperflyDSP Flying Chorus.

  8. A lot of good recommendations here. Took some time to wade through everything and select some worthy candidates. Been using many of the suggested top 10 plugins for years.

    I would add a beautiful chorus freebie by Green Oak Software. Same folks who gave us Crystal synth. Also recently released Tungsten delay for free, which is cool, but wanted to focus on Cesium chorus.

    Chorus is called Cesium. The GUI is elegant, old style beautiful. The sound is as thick as you would want to fill stereo imaging. All the controls are on the front page. Some good presets to launch from.

    Welcomed tool in my arsenal. Absolutely worth the download and audition. A keeper for me.. Check it out.

    Peace to all,

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thank you, John! I already included Cesium in the extended list and will most probably move it to the main list in the next update.

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