Art Pyrite – Hybrid Virtual Synthesizer VSTi Plugin By Artvera (Free Version Available)


Art Pyrite by Artvera.Art Pyrite is a brand new virtual synthesizer by Artvera, designed as a tool for creating huge atmospheric pads, soundscapes and textures. The plugin is available as a 32-bit VSTi plugin for Windows based digital audio workstations.

Artvera is well regarded as a great sound designer and it makes sense that a virtual instrument coming from her is expected to contain a large amount of factory patches. This couldn’t be more true, as the full version of the instrument (more information about the different plugin versions below) contains 400 factory presets in total!

Artvera has also collaborated on a lot of projects with H.G. Fortune who sadly passed away this year. Günter Hagens aka HG Forune was one of the real heroes of the indie virtual instrument world and he was also an incredibly generous developer who has released numerous software instruments as freeware (my favorite one is the brilliant Alien Space Weaver Pro). This new instrument from Artvera continues Günter’s amazing legacy, in a certain way.

The free version of Art Pyrite contains a reduced factory selection with 32 presets and 30 built-in PCM waveforms (as opposed to 256 in the full version of the product). Also, the free version of the plugin doesn’t have the option to load external SF2 files and it doesn’t feature the randomization tools found in the full version. Other than that, there are no additional limitations which would take away from the basic functionality of the plugin. The free version can be used as a regular instrument and there are no deal-breaking limitations such as playback time-outs, bursts of white noise, etc. If you like the free version, you can choose to purchase the full version of the synthesizer for $60 at the product page linked below.

In my opinion, even though it comes with limited factory content, the free version is definitely worth the download if you need some great sounding pads and textures in your sound arsenal. The free version of Art Pyrite is certainly a capable instrument and with the 30 PCM waveforms which are built into it, you can certainly use it to create some new and exciting sounds, thus expanding the reduced factory preset selection.

Audio demos in MP3 format available on the product page linked below.


Art Pyrite is available for free download via Artvera (31 MB download size, RAR archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. Thanks for this.

    I would like to make kind of a collaboration with musicians to make tracks and demotracks using only H.G.Fortune synths to say good bye to Gunter in a proper way.
    He was a very kind and a generous developer.

    Have a nice day, mate.

  2. I didn’t know Gunter had passed away, that’s really sad news. Not only did he make great synths but many were free too. I used a few of them on my album released earlier this month. I was trying to buy a full version of scapes wizard 2 to use on the album, this very sad news explains why I couldn’t find it.

    Will definitely be checking this one out, it looks great.

  3. What’s great about this plugin is how easy it is to create huge and diverse spectrum of atmospheic pads, and they all sound great. It’s almost like cheating, definitely worth it, especially if you produce ambient, drone and other atmospheric soundscapes.

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