BPB Christmas Giveaway 2014! (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


BPB Christmas Giveaway 2014!

After a year full of giveaways on BPB, it’s time for the grand finale. One final giveaway of 2014 to rule them all! I am very happy to present BPB Christmas Giveaway 2014 with 35 amazing prizes for 35 lucky BPB readers!

I have to say that, although I really enjoy organizing giveaways for you guys and girls, I always feel a bit sour in the end because only a couple of entrants can win a prize and the others are left empty-handed. That’s why I’ve decided to take things to the extreme this Christmas, organizing a giveaway with 35 winners. It will be a HUGE task to organize and manage, but hey… What should Santa say then?

Obviously, this giveaway would not have been possible without the generosity and kindness of the sponsors listed below. Here is one HUGE thank you to all of them! Seriously folks, check out their products and consider grabbing something from them during the crazy holiday sales period! I’ve mentioned all of the currently active sales and discounts below, so check those out too!

The Prizes

Here’s the complete list of available prizes (35 prizes in total, one prize per winner):

Click on any of the prizes listed above to get more info about the product and to check if the sponsors have any additional special offers running at the moment.

Scroll all the way down the page or CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway!

1 x FL Studio 11 Producer Edition

Image Line is providing one FL Studio Producer Edition license (download version). The Producer edition of FL Studio is a complete music studio in-the-box and an invaluable tool for audio recording, mixing and post-production.

Numerous built-in tools such as the Edison Wave Editor and the amazing Patcher modular environment are partly the reason why FL Studio is often regarded as one of the most powerful digital audio workstations out there. With the new FL Studio 12 right around the corner (and due to the fact that the users get lifetime free updates on their version of the software), it’s definitely an exciting time to become a part of the FL Studio universe.

Image Line is currently running a huge Christmas sale, offering 25-50% off their products (this does not include product bundles). The sale ends on January 15th and you can get the discount codes and other detailed info about the offer on this page.

1 x U-He Hive

U-He is kindly providing one copy of their brand new Hive virtual synthesizer. Featuring a switchable user interface and a sound engine which is fully optimized for ultra low CPU usage, Hive is designed as a flexible workhorse synthesizer for electronic music production with impeccable sound quality which we’re so used to getting from U-He.

Continuing the legacy of legendary virtual instruments like Zebra and Diva, the brand new Hive synthesizer is aiming to become the ultimate software instrument for dance music production. It packs tons of raw synthesis firepower in a streamlined user interface which is easy to use and a joy to experiment with.

You can currently download the public beta version of Hive via KVR Audio and use it for free until January 31st, 2015. During this period, you can also pre-order Hive and grab it for $99 instead of the regular $149 price which will become effective since February 2015.

1 x MuTools MUX Modular 6

MuTools is giving away one MUX Modular 6 license. Is it an instrument? Is it an effect? Is it a plugin host? A plugin host inside a plugin host? MUX Modular 6 is all of that and so much more. It is a unique modular environment which you can load up in your DAW and basically turn it into a fully modular virtual studio.

MUX is the core of MuLab, a digital audio workstation which is well known for its fully modular architecture. A couple of years ago, MUX Modular Plug-In was released as a separate product, offering a way to turn any host application into a modular environment. MUX Modular 6 comes with a full range of audio and MIDI processing devices and it is also capable of loading other plugins and patching them together like you would do in a real world studio. With MUX Modular 6, you can connect your favorite VST plugins into powerful FX chains, monstrous modular synthesizers and anything else you can think of. All of that in your digital audio workstation of choice!

MuLab is currently running a holiday sale, offering 15-20% discounts on their products. You will find more info about the available products and all of the discounted prices in their online shop.

1 x Sugar Bytes Looperator

Sugar Bytes are providing one free copy of their new Looperator loop mangling toolkit. Looperator is a multi-FX plugin on steroids, chopping up the audio signal on the input into 16 steps and assigning each slice to one FX rack which can be processed and treated individually.

The slices can be re-arranged and processed with a full range of built-in effects and sound mangling tools. Looperator can take any boring piece of audio and turn it into something completely new with the use of time-stretching, distortion, vinyl emulation, reverb, delay, chaos synthesis, an entire range of different filters and a variety of other sound processing tools.

Sugar Bytes are currently running a huge Christmas sale offering an insane 50% discount on almost all of their products and a 25% discount on their complete product bundle. You can take a look at the discounted prices in their online shop.

1 x Cableguys Curve 2

Cableguys are kindly providing one free copy of their flagship Curve 2.5 virtual synthesizer. Curve 2.5 is an impressive workhorse synthesizer based around the unique custom waveform editor which is the signature feature of all Cableguys products.

The waveform editor can be used to create your own custom oscillator waveforms, custom LFO shapes and triggered envelopes. The latest version of the plugin also includes the brand new Sallen-Key filter types, along with the previously available filter models. Obviously, it’s a synth tweaker’s dream come true. But if you prefer using presets, you’ll definitely appreciate the fact that Curve 2.5 also features a cloud preset library which you can use to download the patches which have been shared by the other users from around the globe.

Cableguys are running a 20% off sale on their complete bundle and 33% off Curve 2.5 until December 3oth, 2014. Take a look at the discounted prices on their official website.

3 x Brunsandspork Grooove

Brunsandspork are providing 3 free copies of their Grooove virtual drum machine. Grooove is based on a rather unique sound engine which allows the user to freely set two completely different states for each drum pad, one state for minimum velocity and one for maximum velocity. The instrument will then calculate all of the sounds in between the two extreme settings, making it possible to fully control the drums via velocity of the MIDI notes on the input.

Groove features 128 drum pads (each capable of holding up to two drum sounds) and 11 velocity controlled parameters per drum pad.  The instrument is bundled with over 500 unique drum samples from over 30 vintage drum machines. It works in standalone mode and is also compatible with all VST/AU plugin hosts on Windows and Mac OS.

3 x AudioThing miniBIT

AudioThing is kindly donating three free copies of their brand new miniBIT virtual instrument. miniBIT is an interesting software synthesizer inspired by the retro sounds of various video game consoles and home computers of the Eighties.

Bringing back the 8-bit nostalgia, miniBIT is designed for creating those classic video game sounds which you hear in various NES and Commodore 64 game soundtracks. Featuring 12 beautifully gritty waveforms, a 2-pole LP filter and a preset randomizer, this latest offering from AudioThing is a great way to bring the old video game sounds back to life.

AudioThing is currently running a 20% discount on all of their products and they are also giving away additional free copies of miniBIT to their email subscribers. Use the coupon code “xmas14” at check out in their online store to apply a 20% discount to your purchase.

1 x TDR Kotelnikov GE

Tokyo Dawn Records have kindly provided one free TDR Kotelnikov GE license. TDR Kotelnikov GE is the so called Gentleman’s Edition of their new TDR Kotelnikov compressor effect which is designed as the ultimate transparent dynamics processor for use on the master buss.

The developer describes this compressor as being “proudly digital”, meaning that it doesn’t try to copy any of the existing analog compressor designs and instead uses all of the advantages of digital audio processing to provide maximum “stealth” for mastering and mixing use. If you’re looking for a natural sounding and transparent compressor for use on the stereo buss, then TDR Kotelnikov GE is definitely the way to go!

I’ve used the basic edition of TDR Kotelnikov on a couple of recent projects and it is incredibly musical, managing to tame the dynamics of a stereo bus without any obvious compression artifacts. You can download the basic edition of the product for free. The Gentleman’s Edition of TDR Kotelnikov adds various useful features such as the frequency dependent ratio function and equal loudness output gain trimming, among others.

1 x Audio Assault Grind Machine

Audio Assault is giving away one free copy of their Grind Machine virtual guitar amplifier. Packing 12 different high-gain amplifier models and 22 carefully modeled guitar cabinet emulations, Grind Machine provides a powerful and versatile toolbox of guitar sounds for use in metal and hard rock.

The amplifier and cabinet emulations can be used together, however the cabinet module can also be turned off if you prefer using convolution. Grind Machine also includes a noise gate and a pair of filters, along with a neat little virtual guitar pedal called Djent Box. The guitar pedal emulation is designed to enhance the sound of your guitar at extremely low tune settings.

Audio Assault has recently expanded their product arsenal with a couple of interesting mixing tools which you can find in their online store. They have also developed the free FilterCrusher effect which is available as a free download right here on BPB!

3 x Biome Digital Product Of Choice

Biome Digital is kindly providing three prizes, whereas each of the three winners can pick any single product from their online store! Biome Digital crafts high quality sound libraries designed for use in various styles of electronic dance music. Their recently released library called These Are The Kicks was reviewed on BPB last month.

Biome Digital is currently running a 50% off sale on all of their products. Use the coupon code “WINTER50” during checkout to apply the discount to any purchase in their online store.

6 x WaveShaper Product Of Choice

WaveShaper is giving away six products of choice from his online store to six lucky winners (one prize per winner)! WaveShaper aka sinkmusic has released numerous high quality drum machine sample packs, covering various well known hardware instruments, as well as the rare vintage ones such as the old Soviet drum machine called UDS.

Most of his commercial packs include a preview version which you can download for free. Simply pick any product from his online store and search for the freebie link to download your free copy of the pack.

2 x ModeAudio Product Of Choice

ModeAudio is giving away two products of choice to two lucky BPB readers! Whether you’re a fan of punchy drum hits, atmospheric soundscapes and textures, field recordings, EDM construction kits or NI Massive presets, ModeAudio definitely has some great sounding libraries for you. To get a better idea of the kind of stuff ModeAudio creates, you can download their free label sampler which was recently updated with new samples and loops.

ModeAudio is currently running a Christmas sale, offering a 30% discount on all of their products. Visit their online shop to check out the discounted prices.

2 x Samples From Mars Product

Samples From Mars are giving away one free copy of Simmons From Mars and one free copy of Drumtrax From Mars. Featuring the sounds of the legendary Simmons SDS-800 analog drum module and the crunchy Sequential Circuits DrumTraks drum machine, these two sample collections are a worthy addition to any drum machine aficionado’s sound library.

Samples From Mars are currently running a huge 50% off everything sale which will end on December 31st, 2014. Check out the available products and the discounted prices in their online store (also take a look at the Free Drums From Mars pack if you fancy yourself a nice freebie).

6 x RealDrumSamples Product

RealDrumSamples are providing three free copies of Line Of Legends and three free copies of Ultimate Percussion Jungle. The company has recently stepped on the scene, offering high-quality drum sample libraries for hip hop and urban music production. Subscribe to their mailing list to instantly receive a free selection of drum samples from their product portfolio.

If you purchase any RealDrumSamples product by the end of the year, you can get another one for by entering the coupon code “BEDROOM-XMAS” at checkout. The offer expires on December 31st, 2014.

1 x BHK Samples Abandon DNB

BHK Samples are giving away one copy of their brand new Abandon DNB NI Massive soundbank for NI Massive. Often regarded as the number one bass music sound provider on the scene, BHK Samples provide high-quality sound libraries and preset banks for use in drum and bass, dubstep, trap, and other modern electronic music genres.


BHK Samples are currently running a 25% off sale on all of their products. Use the coupon code “seven” to apply the discount to any purchase in their online shop. The offer will expire on December 27th, 2014.

2 x Bassgorilla Electronic Music Composition Course

Bassgorilla is giving away two free copies of their Electronic Music Composition Course featuring Haywire. The course covers various aspects of music theory and composition which can be applied to electronic dance music production. You can take a look at one of the sample videos from the full course below. It is a 12 hour masterclass consisting of 70 video lessons, an e-book and various file downloads.

For a free taste of what Bassgorilla courses have to offer, sign up on their free tutorials page to access four free tutorial videos and sample packs.

The Giveaway

Welcome to BPB Christmas Giveaway 2014!

This is our biggest giveaway so far, with 35 prizes in total (one prize per winner) provided by 16 generous sponsors. Please carefully read the instructions below before entering, to avoid any mistakes or confusion.

Entering the giveaway is very easy and should take only a couple of minutes of your time. There are four different ways (three of which are completely optional) to enter the giveaway and increase your chances of winning:

  1. Fill out the form below AND leave a comment on this page (REQUIRED)
  2. Like the BPB page on Facebook (OPTIONAL)
  3. Follow BPB on Twitter (OPTIONAL)
  4. Post a Tweet about BPB (OPTIONAL)

Fulfilling step #1 means that you’ve entered the giveaway. Complete the other three steps to increase your chances of winning (use the bonus section in the form below).

SUPER IMPORTANT: You should fill out the form below (click here if you can’t see it) AND also leave a comment on this page. Doing both is required as an anti-spam measure, to prevent any automatic sign-ups. Please don’t leave multiple comments.

And that’s it! :)

The giveaway starts today (December 24th) and closes at 23:59 GMT on January 7th, 2015. The winners will be announced on this page and contacted via email, so please make sure that you’re entering your email address correctly (use the same email in the form and in the comments section below).

THANK YOU ALL for being a part of BPB in 2014!

I wish you all the best in the new year, merry Christmas to you all and happy holidays!

But hey, there’s some more great content coming up for you this week before BPB goes on a holiday break, so stay tuned!


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