Free “DeHarsh” Sound Enhancer VST Plugin Released By Terry West


Terry West has announced the release of DeHarsh, a freeware sound enhancer VST plugin for 32-bit VST plugin hosts which run on Windows operating systems.

The plugin detects and removes harsh frequencies in the top end of the frequency spectrum. It can be used to process individual tracks or full stereo mixes. DeHarsh can operate in stereo, mid and side modes, depending of the nature of the processed audio signal. The input can be bypassed, or switched between mono and stereo.

Terry West’s latest freeware offering is incredibly easy to use and surprisingly effective when it comes to smoothing out the top end of the audio signal on the input. Simply adjust the effect amount knob while monitoring the output to dial in the right setting without going overboard with the effect. Subtle tube circuit emulation tames frequencies in the higher end of the spectrum, resulting in a rounded and warmer sound on the output.

The effect works especially well on distorted guitars and metallic percussion. I’ve also found DeHarsh to be a highly useful tool for ironing out any harsh frequencies which are often present in cymbals and hi-hats in acoustic drum recordings. Granted, you could always use your favorite EQ to perform this task, however I’m a big fan of simple tools which are optimized for dealing with specific mix issues (as I’ve mentioned numerous times before here on BPB).

The plugin was created with SynthEdit, meaning that it’s limited to 32-bit plugin hosts which operate on Windows. To install the plugin on your machine, simply download the ZIP archive from the KVR Forum thread linked below and extract the contents of the archive to your VST plugins folder.

A couple of weeks ago, Terry West has released another useful freeware tool called MHorse P3. It is a highly versatile mastering toolbox in VST plugin format, featuring a 3-band equalizer, tape saturation and an exciter module, among other practical goodies.


DeHarsh is available as a free download via KVR Audio (3.1 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. No longer free, a minimum “donation” of 10€ is required to access the download.