Leslie Sanford Is Back: Sanford Delay Update Now Online


VST plugin developer Leslie Sanford has re-opened his official website and released an updated version of Sanford Delay, a freeware delay effect for 32-bit (and now also 64-bit) Windows based host applications.

Leslie Sanford’s VST plugins were among the best freeware effects you could find online back when I was just starting BPB. He made some really cool free modulation effects and a superb freeware auto-filter effect, along with some quality commercial effect plugins and a truly great virtual synthesizer called Cobalt. Sadly, all of those plugins went offline eventually and it seemed like we won’t be getting any new products (neither free nor commercial) from Leslie Sanford ever again. But he is back now and the first new Sanford plugin to see the light of day is the fully refurbished version of the awesome freeware Sanford Delay effect.

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Sanford Delay is a neat freeware stereo delay effect, suitable for creating ping-pong style delays and those super long dub style delay swells. The plugin supports delay syncing to the host application’s tempo setting (for both stereo channels individually), offers up to one second long delay times and has a pair of HP and LP filters in the feedback path to color the sound. The plugin was originally released in September 2008 and was already highly optimized for low CPU usage back then, so you can only imagine how efficiently it performs on today’s modern computers.

So what does the new updated version of Sanford Delay bring to the table? Most importantly, v2.7 of Sanford Delay will work on 64-bit Windows systems, which is great news for the users (such as myself) who have transferred their DAWs to a 64-bit environment. In addition to that, the plugin now supports infinite feedback times and also features a soft clipper in the feedback path to nicely saturate the sound if you drive the delay unit a bit harder.

It’s really cool to see that Leslie Sanford is back and I’m eagerly waiting for more news from this great plugin developer. The latest bit of info on his website says that more plugins will be added to the page as they’re being updated, which is quite promising. I’m hoping that Sanford’s awesome free auto-filter plugin will be one of the first plugins to get the 64-bit treatment!


Sanford Delay is available for free download via Leslie Sanford’s website (892 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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  1. Warren Keller


    Tom, Can I ask some questions about this plugin- Leslie does not seem to have a contact and I’m a bit confused! I’ll save them for when/if you can reply. Thank you!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Warren, I don’t have Leslie’s contact info, either. Ask me and I’ll be glad to help if I can.

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