Free Blocks Wired Synthesizer For Reaktor 6 Player


Native Instruments have announced this year’s Christmas freebie. They are giving away Blocks Wired, a free collection of three Reaktor 6 ensembles that are fully compatible with Reaktor Player, along with discount codes for Traktor Stems content and a $25 E-Voucher for use on the Native Instruments website.

Following the cool tradition of giving away a new freebie one week before Christmas each year, Native Instruments have released a pretty neat collection of hard-wired instruments that are based on Reaktor 6 Blocks. The collection includes Lumikko (an interesting monophonic synthesizer with a big sound and simple control layout), Submotion (a dual oscillator synth that shows off the modulation power of the 4 Mods Block) and XY (a sequence based synthesizer built around the XYS Block).

All three instruments sound very good and come with a pretty decent set of factory patches to let you jam with the new synths right out of the box. Most importantly, the instruments are compatible with Reaktor 6 Player, meaning that you won’t need to purchase a Reaktor 6 license in order to use them without a time limit. All that’s required is a Native Instruments user account (you can register for free).

In addition, Native Instruments have provided a $25 coupon code that is valid towards the purchase of certain products in their online shop (excluding updates and upgrades). The voucher can be used to, for example, purchase Skanner XT for only $24 (instead of the regular $49), which is a pretty sweet deal. Native instruments are also offering discount codes for purchasing Traktor Stems through third party vendors like Juno and Beatport.


Blocks Wired is available for free download via Native Instruments (5.38 MB download size, EXE installer, ensemble for Reaktor 6 & Reaktor 6 Player).

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  1. The NI voucher sadly is not “available for any purchase.” It is quite limited and cannot be used for upgrades, updates and a wide range of other things.

  2. Wow awesome! Instant download. :)

    Also a 25 euro discount voucher at Beatport or Juno is really great!

  3. Irion Da Ronin


    I downloaded these yesterday. It’s cool giveaway, as every year from NI.
    Only that i don’t know what is for the last Block Wired, i tried to use it as effect, but no sound, the same as synth in FL Studio, i menat the one called XY.

    I’m thinking about purchasing Skanner XT for only 25 Euros, but let’s see, because what i want is to use my own samples on it, and i’m only using the Reaktor Player…

  4. Guys, If you want developers / software companies to offer offline installers, just let them know. Don’T complain here – write them e-mails or engage in their forums!!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Good advice. The developers reply here sometimes, but it’s definitely a better option to get in touch with them directly.

  5. I’ve been extremely fussy with synths lately but I really like these, very nice sounds in submotion if you abuse every parameter in the monark filter :)