Drum Depot Deep Drums REVIEW (Winners Announced)


Deep Drums is the latest drum sound library released by Drum Depot, a sound design company that focuses on crafting highly affordable and 100% mix ready drum samples and percussion for use in a variety of electronic dance music styles.

Taking a closer look at the contents of the library, it contains 96 one shot drum samples in total, organized into six drum kits (16 drum samples per kit). The samples are provided in WAV format, along with a handy collection of patches for Battery, Kontakt, Maschine 2, Ableton Live, Geist, MPC and all SFZ compatible sampler instruments.

Having tested the included Kontakt patches (the KT3 files in the Kontakt/Battery folder are actually compatible with both Battery and Kontakt), I really liked the attention to detail that was put into making them. There’s one patch per drum kit, each with pre-assigned modulation wheel mappings, effects and filters. There really is no need to tweak these patches any further, unless, of course, you want to change the overall sound of a certain kit drastically according to your needs. The SFZ patches are also quite well made, and also quite handy if you’re using freeware samplers such as Grace and Zampler RX.

Generally speaking, the included patches follow the standard drum mapping conventions as closely as possible, so you’ll (in most cases) have the kick on the C note, a snare on the D, and so on. Of course, this depends on the kit in question as well, since some kits have a wider range of kicks, more hats, etc. One minor nitpick I have to point out here is that the samples aren’t labeled very informatively (you won’t know whether a sample is a kick, a snare, or something else until you play it), but this really isn’t that big of a deal because the mappings for each kit are already included in the box.

In terms of sound quality, the library undoubtedly lives up to its name. It is a finely polished collection of deep and bassy drums, crispy electronic percussion sounds and punchy basses that are ready to drop into almost any modern electronica project. The included drums are skillfully processed with a solid low end and snappy transients. The pre-made kits feel coherent and rather well made, but you can always mix and match the samples from different kits in order to build your own.

Now here comes the big surprise! The asking price for the entire library is €1.99 (nope, no typos there!), which is utter madness if you ask me. The collection could easily cost between €5 and €10 while still being considered somewhat of a bargain. But for €1.99, this is a total steal and a highly recommended purchase if you produce electronic dance music. Drum Depot has several other similarly priced packs on offer, all of which are featured in their Sellfy store. They’re also offering a free collection of Vermona DRM1 mkII drum loops that was featured in our soundware news section not long ago.

More info: Deep Drums (€1.99)

The Giveaway

Drum Depot is kindly giving away two free copies of the Deep Drums sample library to two lucky BPB readers! To enter the giveaway, simply enter your name and email address in the form below. You can further increase your chances of winning by following us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The winners will be announced on this page at midnight next Friday (May 27th). Good luck everyone and thanks for reading BPB!

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Drum Depot Deep Drums Review


Considering the quality of the included drum samples and the incredibly low price, Drum Depot's new Deep Drums collection is a total steal and a highly recommended purchase if you produce electronic dance music.

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  • Sonic Variety
  • Library Organization
  • Pricing
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  1. Thanks for selecting me as one of the winners, there are some nice samples inside, I’ll be enjoying them for sure!

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