Air Music Xpand!2 Is Priced At $1 For A Limited Time Only!


Pluginboutique is selling the excellent Air Music Xpand!2 multitimbral workstation instrument ($99 regular price) for $1 only! This is a Pluginboutique-exclusive, limited time offer.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a no-brainer deal even remotely as tempting as this one. A top of the line workstation instrument in VST/AU plugin formats for just $1, and 99% off regular price? Note that this is the price you’ll pay for the full version of the instrument, containing over 2,500 patches across 29 categories and featuring 4-channel multitimbral operation, sample playback, subtractive synthesis and FM synthesis. Xpand!2 contains enough professional quality drums, synths, basses, pianos, guitars, strings and tons of other cool sounds to keep you covered for years to come!

Air Music Xpand!2 comes with four sound slots per patch. This means that you can layer up to four different sounds in a single patch, each with its own MIDI channel, key-range, modulation, effects, etc. Obviously, building huge multi-layered patches with Xpand!2 is not hard to do, especially considering the amount of bundled instrument presets and the plugin’s immense modulation and routing capabilities. You also get an impressive set of 50 built-in effects that can be mixed and matched in two individual FX chains.

Even the most complex patches can be streamlined using Xpand!2’s six smart knobs that change their target depending on the selected part. This is great for tweaking various sound parameters while playing a patch, especially if you’re planning to use Xpand!2 in a live performance. Of course, you can also automate every parameter using your DAW’s default automation functionality.

UPDATE #1: After purchasing the instrument, I received a message that Xpand!2 serial numbers are currently out of stock and that I should receive my s/n withing 24 hours. You can still purchase Xpand!2 at the insane $1 price, though, but you’ll need to wait in order to actually activate your license. Definitely worth the wait, in my opinion.

UPDATE #2: The s/n has arrived, everything working fine. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need an iLok user account (the USB dongle is not required) in order to activate Xpand!2 on your machine.

Xpand!2 can be purchased for $1 at Pluginboutique for a limited time only.

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. You should mention it’s using iLok License Manager. Some people don’t mind, but it’s still a turnoff for some.

  2. Never heard of this but for a buck? that’s insane!!!
    Just bought it. a few seconds ago.
    I’ll have to check this out asap.
    Thanks for letting us know Tommy!

  3. Great Deal, thank you very much TOMISLAV ZLATIC, i didn’t even had to pay, i used my virtual cash for it!!!

  4. The boldly fun orchestral hits and some gems amongst the pads are worth the price of admission! The interface feels a bit dated and isn’t the most elegant to navigate, but it’s easy to scroll through the presets.

    Definitely has a sort of 90s vibe to it, so don’t count on the acoustic sounds to come anywhere near a realistic Kontakt library. However, this is GREAT if you like that type of sound (e.g., Korg M1 or the rompler patches included in UVI’s Vintage Vault) or are dirtying it up with further signal processing (I am, I do).

    Thanks for sharing, Tomislav!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for your input Torley! I always appreciate the chance to hear your thoughts about various instruments. :)

    • Some patches use a built in synth, however tweak-ability is limited since you can only control premapped macro knobs.

  5. A buck? Seriously, A BUCK?! I’ve been scoping this plug out for some time now. Very generous of AIR to part with for a buck. But no, really, it’s just a buck??

  6. Weird things going on – when I run one instance of Xpand!2 in Fl Studio, I cannot run my WarmVerb plugin in this project… ANY IDEA ??

  7. I got this recently before any sale, wish I waited.. never mind lol!
    The drums and pads are the main highlight of this, also the cpu hit is virtually nothing.

  8. I just bought it and got the serial number in my account right away, I’m a bit lost as to where to actually download it from though, the download button just gives a pdf instructing you to use iLok.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey, you’re welcome! :)

      And Xpand!2 became one of my most used instruments in 2016. It’s very good for starting new projects.

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