Grab SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings For Just $1!


Pluginboutique has launched a massive no-brainer deal on the Orchestral Companion Strings virtual instrument by SONiVOX. This premium VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC and Mac will be priced at just $1 until January 31st, 2017.

Orchestral Companion Strings is a multi-layered string ensemble virtual instrument that features a collection of full orchestral string ensembles, as well as a set of individual string sections which can be fully customized by the user. These include violins, violas, cellos, and contrabasses.

There are over 90 factory presets on offer, covering a variety of traditional orchestral string ensembles and sections. All patches are provided in 24-bit quality, with dual-layer sampling to ensure more natural sounding dynamics. The instrument features over 9 GB of sample content in total. Both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and Mac are supported.

Orchestral Companion Strings is usually priced at $99 for a full license, so grabbing it for just $1 is a deal you most probably don’t want to miss. However, this is not the only no-brainer deal available via Pluginboutique at the moment…

Xpand!2 by AIR Music Technology is on a $1 sale once again, following a similar deal that was available earlier this year. I’ve used this virtual instrument quite a lot ever since I bought it for a dollar, and it is a highly recommended purchase if you need a simple to use yet decent sounding rompler for everyday use. You can also get it completely free of charge via DJWorx.

Finally, kHs One is currently priced at just $19 instead of the regular $99 price tag. While not as much of a no-brainer deal as the previous two, grabbing this rather capable virtual analog synthesizer by Kilohearts for just $19 is an offer definitely worth considering.

A huge thank you goes to our reader Chris Schutte for letting us know about these deals! Thanks for the support, Chris!

Orchestral Companion Strings is priced at $1 via Pluginboutique (offer ends on January 31st, 2017).

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  1. i think sonivox needs ilok? or is there maybe “that pace thing” bundled/installed, then running in the background?

  2. Hmmm..35-step installation and licensing procedure, including creating an iLok account. Even at $1 I don’t think I’ll bother thanks.

    • At least 25 steps out of 35 are for completely noobs. And to be honest, aside from the link in the PDF file to download the instrument, you don’t need instructions at all to install this.

  3. Ok, let’s do the Math (according to my needs): 15G hard drive space, iLok, only 4 of my songs required strings and they’re already finished, no thanks!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Just a suggestion: external hard drives are very cheap nowadays and they’re perfect for sample storage and large virtual instruments. I still haven’t fully integrated one into my workflow, but a friend of mine keeps all of his samples and VSTs on an external HDD and plugs it in only when working with audio.

      • Good suggestion, I do this as well. I found plugins like Air Structure and Strike to be useful but way too big in size. The only drawback is changing presets and loading instances may be a little slower (depending on the plugin/external HDD specs) but not a big deal when you are saving plenty space on your main drive.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Yeah, speed used to be an issue, but nowadays a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 compatible external HDD can operate much faster. Oh, and another option would be to go for a high capacity USB 3.0 flash drive. Although that option is a bit worse in terms of storage capacity for the price, the speed is better than with an external HDD. And there are also external SSD drives, which are blazing fast, but they are still rather pricey.

          • I heard flash drives and SSDs (they are essentially flash drives too) are not well suited for storing data that requires frequent read and writes, because the “storing cells” (for lack of the appropriate term) are worn out fast and the drive will only last for a short period.

      • I keep the samples on a 2nd drive in the PC itself, same sorta thing. =) I bought this Sonivox product for $1, and there was a free Xpand!2 deal I found too.

  4. I can’t for find the download link anywhere!
    Please help!

    I see in the pdf says “Download and open the .zip file from the download PDF. Launch the .exe setup and if you are greeted by this window, click YES.” But I do NOT see any link inside the pdf.

    Again, someone please help as I already know Sonivox doesn’t have good customer service at all. (I once asked Sonivox’s customer service for an alternate download link for a product that I couldn’t get to download and they simply ignored my numerous emails!)

    Thank you in advance for any and all help.

  5. I just paid for this – but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it.

    I already have an iLok account, and all of the instructions say to sign up for a free one, but NOT if you already have one!??!

    When I open my existing iLok account, it only show things I already have authorized – nothing new. Any clues?

    • O-Kaaayyy. I had to go back to my account at PIB, find my Serial No. / Activation code, copy it, open my iLok account, past code in, etc, etc and I’m downloading it now. Boy! This looks like it’s gonna’ take awhile. (I think my sleazy neighbor is stealing my WiFi – seems awfully slow and they are all home today – Christmas eve).