Jeremias Eichelbaum Intros “Cookin” Free Synthesizer VST Plugin


Jeremias Eichelbaum has released Cookin, a freeware additive synthesizer in 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows-based digital audio workstations.

The author describes Cookin as a simple additive synthesizer with an 8-bit style sound. That description is quite accurate, as the synth’s engine only consists of two oscillators with pitch, modulation, and volume controls, and one multi-mode filter with a cutoff knob. The oscillators come with four basic waveforms (ramp up, ramp down, sine, and square). The volume envelope is fixed, with a quick attack time and around 1s release.

Obviously, Cookin is a very limited synthesizer, but some users will definitely love its simplicity. It is mostly useful for emulating the sounds of old computer sound chips, although I’d love to see a pulse-width modulation option in a future version so that it could emulate those lovely PWM lead sounds of yesteryear. The plugin also works well as a tool for understanding the basics of additive synthesis.

The current version of Cookin comes with eight factory presets and a bank of empty presets for storing user-made patches. The presets cover a small set of bell-like sounds, bass sounds, and classic 8-bit sounds.

The plugin is only compatible with 32-bit VST plugin host applications on Windows at the moment. There’s no information on whether 64-bit DAWs and Mac-based hosts will be supported in the future. The plugin can be downloaded directly from GitHub and comes as a simple DLL file which has to be installed manually.

Cookin is available for free download via GitHub (2.36 MB download size, DLL file, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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