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Pluginboutique is running a no-brainer sale on the FiltR Bank Pro filter effect by StudioToolz, dropping the asking price to just $1 until August 13th ($16.87 regular price)!

FiltR Bank Pro is an analog modeled filter VST plugin for Windows. It features five filter modes, an EQ section, an LFO, a live spectrum display, and adjustable drive for applying analog-style saturation to the processed signal.

The plugin is laid out in three sections, with the 5-band parametric equalizer on the left, the filter section on the right, and a spectrum display on the bottom. The filter section offers five filter modes (high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, notch-pass, and peak). Positioned next to it on the right are two large dials for controlling the filter cutoff and resonance, next to which are the LFO controls for depth and speed. The LFO module offers a number of different waveforms, including a white noise source. Each wave can be set to positive, positive inverted, and bipolar.

The filters sound good on their own, although cranking the Analogue knob a bit will drive them a bit harder and make the output signal sound more interesting. This will also increase the volume, which is why the Audio Out knob is placed below the saturation section to tame the volume down to the desired level. The EQ section on the left is a nice touch as it can help clean up the signal before it hits the filter module.

In summary, FiltR Bank Pro is a pretty standard filter plugin with an intuitive layout which makes it easier to use than some more advanced and better-sounding alternatives on the market. Sadly, it is only available in 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows. That said, it can be loaded in 64-bit DAWs through wrapper plugins like Jbridge or 32Lives. Once again, please note that the special deal on FiltR Bank Pro is only available until August 13th, so head on to Pluginboutique if you’d like to get the plugin for the bargain price of $1.

More info: FiltR Bank Pro @ Pluginboutique ($1)

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