Summer Sale 2017 @ Mildon Plugins (Up To 50% OFF On VST Plugins)


Plugin developer Mildon Maducdoc has released a nifty exciter effect called ClariFi, currently on sale for $6.95 and available in VST plugin format for Windows.

ClariFi is discounted as part of the 2017 Summer Sale over at Mildon’s website. The sale includes discounts across the entire Mildon Plugins catalog, including newly released Overhead effect, and the LXR channel delay. The plugins are optimized for solving specific issues; they’re very simple, with a clean design, and built to get the job done with minimum fuss.

For example, ClariFI has a single control slider, but uses it well, helping shape the transients and get rid of muddiness in the low and mid-range frequencies. I got the feeling that there is more to this little plugin than meets the eye.

If you decide to visit Mildon’s site, be sure to check out his free offerings as well. These are also high-quality products, including a free 3-band graphic EQ with +12db range (previously featured on BPB), a 3D panning tool which allows you to move sounds left, right, forward, and backward in your stereo image. Mildon is also offering Spike Panner, a freeware plugin which moves a sound in the stereo image when its volume reaches a certain threshold. Of course, you can also pick up the newest version of Strummer (version 3.5) and the accompanying sound font packages for only $4.25. Mildon hints that he is working on new versions of Strummer, and we’ll keep you posted on any new developments as they come to our attention.

More info: Mildon Plugins

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