Soundtoys Little Plate Reverb Is FREE For A Limited Time Only!


Soundtoys has released Little Plate ($99 value), a detailed emulation of the EMT 140 hardware reverb unit available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats (free iLok user account required). The plugin is currently available for free download for a limited time only (the offer ends on November 22nd, 2017).

Little Plate is the latest addition to Soundtoys’ series of “Little” plugins which already includes tools like Little AlterBoy and Little PrimalTap. These effects are as far away as possible from being “little” in terms of sound quality, though. Soundtoys designed them to be professional-quality mixing and sound design tools with streamlined user interfaces to ensure a fast and efficient workflow.

While developing Little Plate, the team at Soundtoys gathered a collection of hardware plate reverb units from around the world, including five original EMT 140 plate reverbs. These are huge vintage reverb units weighing over 600 pounds each. Believe it or not, the EMT 140 was once considered a “compact” reverb unit and is still regarded as one of the best sounding plate reverbs in existence. Either way, according to the official press release, Soundtoys spent a considerable amount of time repairing, tuning, and analyzing their EMT 140 units before eventually creating an in-depth emulation of their favorite one.

Apart from emulating the sound of the EMT 140 reverb in great detail, Little Plate also expands on the original unit’s feature set by shortening the minimum decay time to 0.5s (instead of the hardware’s 1s limit) and adding the infinite decay time option. The plugin also adds a modulation switch for adding randomized pitch variations to the wet signal. This works particularly well for emulating cavernous spaces with longer decay times. The reverb sound on the output can be shaped even further using Little Plate’s built-in low cut filter with a 20Hz – 1kHz frequency range. Finally, the plugin includes a dry/wet knob, undo/redo functionality, a preset manager, and a bypass switch. Much like the rest of the “Little” product lineup, Little Plate features a simple-looking interface that is a joy to use.

To download your free copy of Little Plate, visit the product page linked below, add the plugin to your shopping cart and complete the free checkout process. Please note that an iLok account is required in order to activate your free Little Plate license. You don’t need the iLok USB dongle, just a registered account. Installing the iLok License Manager on your computer is necessary, though.

Little Plate is available for free download via Soundtoys until November 22nd (146 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plug-in format for Windows & macOS).

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  1. Personally, I’d always prefer a low-pass filter when it comes to reverb, but this is a unique and seemingly very involved project and, perhaps, cutting the lows might be crucial to balancing the sound out in the end. In any event, this seems a great and irrestible product offering I look forward to checking out! Thanks to Sound Toys and BPB!

  2. It sounds so good!!! Thank you Soundtoys, always so nice with the customers and sound lovers. So well done guys!!!

  3. Just an update: Soundtoys has been down for 4-5 hours now. Not sure if this is because of the freebie, but I could see why so many people would want it!

  4. Not super flexible, but it sounds so fantastic I’m actually willing to run that stupid iLok bs just to use this. I’ve definitely never heard a free plate that’s this rich. Thanks BPB and SoundToys!

  5. I’ve being trying Little Plate for a couple of hours now, it sounds so sweet…
    iLok may seem inappropriate when it comes to CPU usage, but it’s worth it once you start using plugins like this one. Thanks Soundtoys for this free reverb, great stuff as always

  6. Thanks Tomislav and Sound Toys for a great sounding freeby. People shouldn’t back away from iLok, it only seemed like a hassle using it the first time but no problems with it after that.

  7. Soundtoys Littleplate is not recognized by Tracktion T6 or T7: “little plate 5 could not be loaded…Import DLL MFPlat.DLL cannot be loaded”

  8. yeah, Import DLL MFPlat.DLL cannot be loaded error with windows 10 using Reaper 5.62 either. I glad I didn’t spend money on Decapitator…