MGF Audio Launch – Loads Of Freebies + 75% OFF Discount


MGF Audio has launched their official website. The label is offering numerous free sample packs, along with some reasonably priced commercial ones. BPB readers are getting an exclusive 75% OFF discount when purchasing any MGF Audio paid products.

Some of you might remember MGF Audio’s free sample pack that was released some time ago on BPB’s sister website 99Sounds. They didn’t have a dedicated website at the time, but some of their sample packs were already available for free download online.

You can now find all free MGF audio downloads in one place, along with a large selection of affordable sample packs. The content is sorted into three categories: Hardware Multis (featuring multi-samples of various hardware synthesizers), Max/Software (featuring VST plugins, M4L devices, and Reaktor devices), and Sample Packs (featuring smaller one-shot sample packs).

When it comes to the free stuff, you can instantly download some great sounding Roland Alpha Juno, Roland JX35, Yamaha DX11, and Yamaha SY77 synthesizer multis, along with five free audio effects in Max for Live format, and the MGF Spacejump software utility for browsing large media libraries. The multis don’t come with sampler patches, but all samples are labeled with root note info for easy mapping. Several smaller free sample packs are also available, with free sounds sampled from the Casiotone 501 keyboard and the Korg Wavestation synthesizer.

If you want even more sounds, MGF Audio is offering additional packs at very affordable prices. The sitewide 50% OFF sale is currently active and BPB readers can further reduce the cost of their purchase by using the coupon code BEDROOM at checkout. This willl result in a 75% OFF discount in total.

For more info, visit MGF Audio.

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