MODWHEEL Rubber Band Box For Kontakt Is FREE For A Limited Time!


MODWHEEL has announced that their new Rubber Band Box sample-based instrument for NI Kontakt is a available as a free download for a limited time only.

Rubber Band Box is a Kontakt sample library featuring the sounds of a handmade instrument crafted from an old cigar box, a few rubber bands, a bridge, and a guitar pickup. The instrument’s sound, to my ears at least, closely resembles that of a palm muted electric guitar (for a better idea, check out the hilariously cool demo video on the product page). Of course, producing sound by picking a rubber band is far less consistent than doing so with a guitar string, but these quirks only make Rubber Band Box more interesting to play and listen to.

The interface features controls for adjusting the reverb, delay, and distortion FX levels, along with a delay time knob and an on/off switch for the arpeggiator module. Overall, the instrument is easy to use and the sound on the output will mostly depend on which one of the five included patches is loaded. Apart from the muted guitar sound mentioned above, the provided patches also cover some pretty interesting pad-like sounds and synth leads.

MODWHEEL has recorded eight round robin variations for each sampled note, resulting in a very natural and authentic sounding performance when playing Rubber Band Box with a MIDI keyboard. All included samples are provided in 24-bit/96kHz quality (compressed NCW format), with 150 MB of audio data in total.

The full version of NI Kontakt is required in order to play Rubber Band Box past the 15-minute limit of the free Kontakt Player. The samples are provided in Kontakt’s proprietary NCW file format and can’t be used in other samplers. You will also need to submit your name and email addres to complete the free checkout process (subscribing to MODWHEEL’s mailing list is completely optional).

Rubber Band Box is available for free download via MODWHEEL (59.1 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 5 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt, ).

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  1. It’s pretty cool. Never heard of “MODWHEEL” before – looks like a great group. Planning future purchases. Thanks for the headsup, TZ.

  2. how can i get it? i know im a bit late in getting it for free, but is it still available anywhere else?

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