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For a limited time, VSTBuzz is offering 55% off UK developer Synth Magic’s Quadra Kontakt instrument and the included Quadra Expansion Pack 1.

Quadra  is a sample-based recreation of the 1978 ARP Quadra synthesizer – a popular and highly coveted model that’s been in the hands of greats like John Carpenter, Genesis, New Order, Pink Floyd, Gary Numan, and Jean Michel Jarre – to name a few. The original Quadra shipped with a three-octave keyboard (61 keys) and was capable of monophonic, polyphonic, and duophonic sounds.

Notably, it included technology from the ARP Solina string synthesizer, meaning it could pull off those thick, lush analog string sounds – in full polyphony – you’d recognize anywhere. The ARP Quadra had some other distinct functionality, too – for example, its flat pedal feature for dipping individual notes and chords a semitone so their pitch rises back with the attack envelope.

Long out of production, the disco and pop music classic has been summoned for a second life in the digital realm. Utilizing 11 GB of sampled content and Native Instruments’ established Kontakt synthesis and sampling engine, Synth Magic left no small detail behind in the restoration effort – down to the user interface, which is unmistakeably that of a late-era ARP synthesizer with all the sliders, lights, and black/orange color tonality you’d expect. All the original controls have been recreated, while the sliders and switches have been calibrated and timed to behave exactly like the original hardware.

The developer also took advantage of the opportunity to add some extra functionality, such as a 16-step sequencer and an effects section. Both make it possible to obtain new sounds you won’t be able to make with an original Quadra, unless you have a ton of effects at your disposal or don’t mind working within a DAW. The synthesizer certainly has lots of capabilities to consider, but with 500 preset sounds available, getting started on the right track won’t be a problem.

At the moment, VSTBuzz is selling Synth Magic Quadra for only 50 EUR / 58 USD / 44 GBP. This is down from the instrument’s 112 EUR / 130 USD / 99 GBP retail price, making for a sweet 55% discount. Quadra requires the full, paid version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.2.1 or higher to function. Unfortunately, the instrument is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

More info: Synth Magic Quadra (55% OFF for a limited time @ VSTBuzz)

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