Superbooth 2018 is officially live! BPB is at the show, and we will feature the most interesting bits of new gear right here on the blog as well as on our YouTube channel. Continue reading to check out some of the highlights from Superbooth 2018.

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Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X

DSI has revealed the Prophet X, a hardware synthesizer which combines deep sampling with digital oscillators. The sample content is provided by 8Dio, a company specialized in crafting sample libraries based on real-world instruments. The new Prophet X synthesizer takes advantage of these deeply sampled sounds and pairs them with a powerful 16-voice synthesis engine, backed with a stereo pair of 24 dB/octave resonant low-pass filters, four envelops, and four LFOs.

IK Multimedia UNO

UNO is IK Multimedia’s first hardware synthesizer and it’s a banger. Priced at just $199, this is an analog monophonic synthesizer in a compact body, sporting two oscillators, a noise generator, a multi-mode filter, an arpeggiator, overdrive and delay effects, and a built-in step sequencer. Modulation is provided by two envelopes and an LFO. The instrument comes with storage space for 100 custom presets which also store sequencer data. Our first impressions so far are that IK Multimedia UNO is an exciting new tool for music making and sound design on the go.

Behringer Pro-One

Behringer has launched Pro-One, a clone of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro-One analog synthesizer. As is the case with Behringer’s recent Model D instrument, the Pro-One is a detailed recreation of the original with some changes in order to make it more affordable and easier to manufacture. Pricing is not yet officially announced, but we’re sure that Behringer will continue their policy of providing analog instruments at low prices.

Day one of the show is behind us and we’re gearing up for day two. It is rumored that the team at Behringer is preparing an exciting announcement for tomorrow. Stay tuned for more Superbooth 2018 coverage here at BPB!

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