Europe’s biggest synthesizer-related event is back once again, bigger and more exciting than ever before. Our favorite instruments announced at Superbooth 2019 are featured in the article below.

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IK Multimedia UNO Drum

Following up on the UNO Synth which was announced at Superbooth 2018, IK Multimedia unveiled the UNO Drum portable drum machine. It is battery-powered, comes with both analog and PCM sound sources, and will be a perfect drum companion for all UNO Synth owners. The instrument is perfectly sized to fit in a backpack along with several other portable noisemakers and the sound is very convincing, judging by what we’ve heard on the show flor at least. IK Multimedia will release sample packs for UNO Drum which will allow the users to customize their drum machines with new sounds.


Novation Summit

Novation has announced the Summit, a monstrously powerful hybrid synthesizer. It is essentially two Novation Peak modules combined with a keyboard and packed into one flagship polysynth. There are plenty of goodies underneath the hood, such as Novation’s top-class New Oxford Oscillators which offer three oscillators per voice, with analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis. The instrument can combine the two Peak engines into a single engine, or play them separately via keyboard splitting. Speaking of the keyboard, it is the same semi-weighted 61-note setup as the one used in Novation’s recently released SL MkIII controllers keyboards.


Superlative Instruments SB-1

Heavily inspired by the classic SH-101, the forthcoming SB-1 synthesizer by Superlative instruments sounds almost identical to the original while adding its own flair with more features and superb portability. The instrument is battery powered and comes in a slim package which seems like a great fit for electronic musicians on the go. We loved SB-1’s stealthy looks and the solid-feeling materials as well. As for the sound, check out the video above to hear this promising synthesizer speak for itself. By the way, we’ve been told that the street price will be lower than that of a used SH-101.


SOMA Laboratory Pulsar-23

The newly announced Pulsar-23 by SOMA Laboratory is a very powerful sound design tool. It is a semi-modular drum machine on the outside, but its clever performance-oriented features and hidden capabilities make it so much more than your regular drum instrument. For example, holding a trigger pad pressed will keep the sound active, making it super easy to turn a hi-hat into a noise burst during a live set. The modular panel is where the magic truly happens, though. Apply subtle modulation to your drum parts to add interest to a groove or connect the internal clock to the chaos generator to go super crazy.


Elektron Digitone Keys

Elektron keeps up with their habit of announcing new products at every major event. This time they unveiled the Digitone Keys synthesizer which is essentially a Digitone desktop module with an added keyboard and some performance-related tricks up its sleeve. The coolest thing about it is the convenience of building musical sequences using a physical keyboard. This is especially true considering that Elektron provided a well-made synth-action keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch. They have also added portamento, as well as modulation and pitch bend wheels.


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