Grind Machine II Guitar Amp VST/AU Plugin Is FREE This Week!


Audio Assault is running a “pay what you want” offer on the Grind Machine II ($24.99 value) metal guitar amp simulator in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and RTAS plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Grind Machine II is Audio Assault’s flagship guitar amp simulation plugin aimed at heavy metal guitarists and music producer. The software emulates fifteen different guitar amplifier models, covering a range of classic and modern high-gain guitar tones. The plugin also features a cabinet impulse response loader with fifteen included cabinet IRs and the ability to load third-party impulse responses.

The user interface was designed to be compact and easy to use. Audio Assault removed any unnecessary clutter, keeping only the necessary control parameters and the amp model browser on the front panel. Apart from the usual gain, tone, presence, and master volume controls, Grind Machine II also features a noise gate on the input and the Impact parameter which simulates the micro-dynamic movements of real speakers. The user can bypass the built-in IR loader and the preamp section. Bypassing the preamp section effectively turns the plugin into an IR loader for use with other amp sims. Finally, the Tight switch turns on a booster circuit which tightens the low end and smooths out the gain.

The plugin comes with a preset manager but it doesn’t include any factory presets. Users can save their own custom guitar tone settings as presets for later use.

To download your free copy of Grind Machine II, simply visit the product page linked below and enter $0 as the price during the checkout process. You can enter any other amount if you wish to do so. The offer will expire exactly one week from today. We also recommend checking out the excellent ToneLib GFX guitar amp suite which is one of the best freeware VST plugins for guitarists.

Grind Machine II is available for free download via Audio Assault (4.5 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX/RTAS plugin formats for Windows & macOS).

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  1. Brute Fours


    I saw this and grabbed it but I probably won’t have time to play around with it for a bit. I’d be interested in hearing people’s opinions about their “Impact” speaker emulation though. It sounds like an additional algorithm on top of the IR? But I’d be interested to know how well it compares to good IR packs like Ownhammer or the official Celestion IRs.

  2. Wyrrdbryyngr


    This is actually a really nice toolkit. There are only 2 amps that can do anything clean, even with the gain knob at 0, so it’s definitely more geared toward metal tones, but it can get some convincing tones I haven’t heard from other sims.

    The impact knob provides a subtle realism boost, seems to boost the low end a bit and increases the dynamic sensitivity (it gives more chugs). It definitely sounds more sparkly than standard IR’s, but the selection doesn’t quite do it for me. I think I still prefer my own IR configs, but for anyone who’s new to that, this is a good way to not be overwhelmed by options. It’s too bad this can’t load standard IR files.

    Metalheads…this is a great starting point and will save you a lot of time fiddling with the more complicated options out there. You have a pretty wide assortment of amps and cabs, so anyone should be able to find some useful metal tones here. I’m actually tempted to see what’s in the $5 bonus pack of amps…

      • Wyrrdbryyngr


        I eventually noticed you can navigate to a custom Impulse folders, but I couldn’t actually get it to load any. Does it apply the Impact feature to them as well?

        • The folder in question appears not to be a user/custom folder but the default folder for the software. You can load your own IRs but it seems you have to place them in this default folder to access them. The impact feature does indeed work on your own IRs once loaded.

  3. Wyrrdbryyngr


    Just to correct my previous comment: It’s not just for metal. Having the “Tight” button on apparently makes everything higher gain, but most of these amps are pretty versatile and many can do cleans just fine.

    Definitely check it out!

  4. emre berkay


    The plug-in by itself sounds good, certainly has a nice dirt, but it’s a bit too sterile and lacks warmth, which is kinda expected for extreme metal tones. The Impact knob kinda emulates smoothing effects of air & power sag, so it balances that to a degree. I only tried it for 5 mins though, so take it with salt.

    Also you’ll get a 50% discount code with your download, which even applies to the 5$ deal for Discharge Amp Pack (8 amps, normally 15$) that you get offered during checkout, bringing it down to just 2.5$ for your ultimate grind machine exploitation. You can add other expansions, Hidden Gem Amp Pack and Dominator Cabs, and get total Grind Machine bundle for 8.50$, and end up paying 8.50$ instead of 0$ while you think you’re being smart :) I wish there was a way to demo expansions packs though, from the (few) reviews I’ve seen, Hidden Gem is the one to get since adds more versatility compared to the other, which is just more of the same (metal).

    I very rarely use paid stuff (I’m piss poor) but I might as well get the expansions, because are there even any amp sims (good or bad) below 20$? Ignite and LePou is good and all, but I’m feeling increasingly limited by them.

  5. This one sounds more seril than the other free one from this week, tonelibs. The tl has more micro-fluctuations in sound, humm and a more round and warm sound. Which one might prefer is also matter of taste though.

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