Get A FREE Waves Audio Plugin On Black Friday!


Waves Audio is inviting everyone interested to sign up on their website and receive a free VST plugin on Black Friday.

Waves Audio has announced that a brand new audio plugin will be released on November 29th, 2019. The plugin will be free to download for everyone who signs up with a valid email address. There is no information about the plugin itself, apart from the fact that it will be a brand new product.

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To claim your free copy of the forthcoming Waves plugin, visit the giveaway page and submit your email. After signing up, the website will display a confirmation message.

The confirmation message after signing up for the Black Friday freebie.

The confirmation message after signing up for the Black Friday freebie.

Waves Audio has done this type of promo for several years in a row already. Last year, they released Sibilance as a Black Friday special freebie. It is a unique de-esser plugin which is now priced at $69 in the Waves Audio online store. The release was shortly followed by the H-Comp compressor plugin which was offered as a free download on Cyber Monday. If you have any thoughs on what free plugin we’ll see from Waves this year, let us know in the comments section below.

While waiting for your free plugin, check out the Waves Audio Black Friday sale.

More info: Waves Audio

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    • I tend to disagree! Last time it was H-comp, which is an exellent compressor/exiter. I’ve used it a lot on acoustic guitars to make the guitar cut through and sound more “warm”. Just sayin’ :-)

  1. This new free plugin will be available only for new subscriptions?
    I already have a Waves account, could I anyway get the new plugin?
    Anyway last years free plugins were very good Sibilance and H-comp too.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Enter your email address on the promo page and you will receive an activation code on Black Friday. It should work for both new and old accounts. At least that’s how it worked in the previous years.

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