Coffee The PUn Is A FREE Pultec-Style Equalizer By Acustica Audio


Acustica Audio has released Coffee The PUn, a freeware Pultec-style parametric equalizer plugin for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac.

Coffee The PUn is a characterful equalizer effect modeled after the classic Pultec EQ design. The software is based on Acustica Audio’s Acqua Engine Core. Coffee The PUn is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible host applications on PC and Mac.

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The plugin emulates a certain Pultec-style analog equalizer. The information on the product page isn’t very exact, but users who are familiar with boutique studio gear will probably be able to guess what hardware EQ is being modeled here. According to Acustica Audio, their new freeware EQ plugin has an aggressive sound character.

In a world of vintage ‘Purple-style’ units (well, if we just consider the AA world), the time has come to give you a real ‘Punisher’, a vigilante that specializes in characterful clean-ups in the digital domain. Meet Coffee The PUn, a FREE plugin resolver with a big sound and aggressive character, but who can also treat your source with respect, awaking its inner potential.

To download your free copy of Coffee The PUn, sign up for a free Acustica Audio user account and download the Aquarius license manager. Once logged in, click on the Purchased tab to see the available freeware plugins. Coffee The PUn should be listed on the page. Simply click the Install button to complete the installation process. Being that Acustica Audio’s plugins are based on convolution technology, Coffee The PUn is a rather large 769 MB download.

Coffee The PUn installation page.

Please note that the 32-bit plugin installer is hidden by default. You will have to enable this option manually in the settings in order to install the 32-bit version of the plugin (more info available in the manual). On a related note, Acustica Audio is currently running a #mixfromhome special sale with 50% OFF in discounts on its best-selling plugins.

More info: Coffee The PUn (769 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Would be interested, if they only offer single installation,
    “misleadware” and “trapware” are not my favourites …
    It seems like to be free of some money, but is not free of human nerves :)
    I’m always skipping all such stuffs …

    • Their technology is based on sampling / capturing every nuance of the real behavior of the analog devices. Think of it as a sample library of an equalizer!

      • THIS is a good thing. Size matters and is definitely a turn-on the more space it takes.

        Jokes aside, is it REALLY this good? I’m always weary of adding another essential-type plugin since I already have several EQs.

        If it’s as good as you say I wouldn’t mind adding it to my EQ plug-in library.

  2. NoopityBoopkins


    Looks like a cool thing, but i will stick with analog obsession and ignites pultec offerings. Having to DL another license manager, and the massive file size of their plugins keeps me away from their freebies :(

  3. Inspired by Chandler Germanium Tone Control EQ. No one can get as close to the real character of the hardware as Acustica Audio. Try it and you will not regret the ‘AQUARIUS’ or the 800MB size. (best results @ 96KHz)

  4. Erwin Vomberg



    Signing up AND installing another License Manager? Acustica Audio is anyway overrated by the believers and the tale-telling bunch of I-can-hear-things-primitive-people-cant audio “pros”… not another EQ simulating analog stupidity…

  5. A guy who loves authentic Thousand Island dressing


    The size, license manager, and the weird name aren’t doing much to dissuade me from sticking with the usual free suspects.

  6. does acustica make standalone plugins yet or do they still do the bloat thing where you need some entire application installed just to run the different guis?

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