Get FREE Orange Tiny Terror For AmpliTube Custom Shop!


IK Multimedia is offering the Orange Tiny Terror (€24.99 value) guitar amp model for AmpliTube Custom Shop as a free add-on for new and existing email subscribers.

The Orange Tiny Terror amp model for AmpliTube Custom Shop was developed in collaboration with Orange Amplifiers for the AmpliTube Orange bundle. The model is normally available as an in-app purchase in AmpliTube Custom Shop. For a limited time only, you can get it completely free of charge by signing up for IK Multimedia’s mailing list.

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The amp model is perfect for clean and low gain guitar sounds. It is great for bluesy towns, crunch guitars, and subtle overdrive. The interface features a master volume knob, a tone adjustment knob, and a gain knob. The user can choose between 7 Watt and 15 Watt modes.

AmpliTube Custom Shop is compatible with VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on PC and Mac. Keep in mind that only 64-bit digital audio workstations are supported. Get AmpliTube Custom Shop for free when you sign up for a free IK Multimedia user account. You will also get the SampleTank 4 Custom Shop plugin and a few other music production software goodies.


To claim your free copy of the Orange Tiny Terror guitar amp model for AmpliTube Custom Shop, sign up to IK Multimedia’s mailing list. The amp will be automatically added to the IK Multimedia user account registered to that same email address. So, if you already have an IK Multimedia user account, make sure to use the same email address when subscribing. If you’re already subscribed and you already have an account, move on to the next step.

After subscribing, open the Custom Shop app and you will receive a notification that Orange Tiny Terror was added to your account.

After subscribing, open the Custom Shop app and you will receive a notification that Orange Tiny Terror was added to your account.

After subscribing and confirming your subscription, launch AmpliTube Custom Shop on your computer. A notification will pop-up, informing you that Orange Tiny Terror was added to your account as a gift. Close the AmpliTube Custom Shop and restart AmpliTube 4 to activate the new amp model.

Keep in mind that the offer ends on May 6th. Be sure to subscribe to IK Multimedia’s mailing list before that in order to get the Orange Tiny Terror amp for free. The Orange Tiny Terror cabinet is not included in the free offer.

More info: Orange Tiny Terror Giveaway (in-app purchase for AmpliTube Custom Shop, free until May 6th)

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  1. I did everything that was in the steps on both this article *and* IK’s website. It’s in my account in the IK Custom Shop but when I open up AT 4 it won’t let me access the TT model.

  2. @Chris – making sure you’re on the Amplitube part of Custom Shop, there’s an option to ‘Restore my gear’. Should let you load up the amp in AT

  3. Nice freebie! Wish they had done the same thing for the Mesa freebie a while back, as it was only for new users



    So if you are already subscribed to their list & have an account with that email, you wont get this one?

    • I’m already subscribed and have got this freebie. Just open the Custom Shop on the Amplitude tab, the pop up notification should appear, click on the ‘restore my gear’ option, close Custom Shop and open Amplitude. It didn’t appear straight away for me but after opening and closing Custom Shop a couple of times it worked fine.

  5. I was already registered but forgot, so I did the sign up process again (just for the list, not the whole registration). The orange head is in my account now! Thank you for letting me know guys!

  6. lol I had the real amp for a while and didn`t like it at all, wouldn`t take this thing even as a gift. Worst Orange, right after Micro Terror

  7. We were not able to complete your request because of an error…

    IK make rather alright products, they could use less CPU but they sound OK. I have Sampletank and a few other stuff. I often have to freeze tracks on a MacBook pro with 16 GB Ram from 2016 due to CPU use, but you can live with that.

    But their problem is installing and authorising. It was pretty outdated when I bought Sampletank 2 XL ten years ago. Today it feels something back before OSX…

    But if you get it to work I’m pretty sure it’s a gem, especially for the price.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      It took me a few tries to get Orange Tiny Terror to show up in AmpliTube Custom Shop. I had to restart both the Custom Shop app and the plugin multiple times. After maybe five minutes of messing around with that, the amp finally showed up in the plugin.

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