Heavyocity Releases #StayHome Sound Library For Kontakt


Heavyocity has released #StayHome, a donationware (pay what you want) sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt (loops in WAV and REX format are also included).

#StayHome is a collection of 80+ tonal and percussive audio loops designed for use with Native Instruments Kontakt. The suggested donation amount is $10, although there is no minimum payment required to complete the order. The proceeds will be donated to charity (UNICEF, Artist Relief, and the Food Bank of NYC.), in order to benefit those impacted by the global pandemic.

The included loop content was crafted by Heavyocity’s sound designers during the lockdown. The sound design team recorded and processed the loops in their homes and home studios in the New York City area. The loops are available in WAV and REX formats, ensuring full compatibility with all major digital audio workstations and sampler plugins. Heavyocity also used the samples to a Kontakt patch with a custom GUI and some added functionality.

The Kontakt instrument based on the #StayHome loop library has a built-in reverb effect and a transient shaper. The user can also control the volume, pan, and the tuning of the loaded audio loop. The full version of Kontakt is required the play the instrument. Learn more about the Kontakt Player demo mode limitations in our dedicated article.

Download the #StayHome loop library at Heavyocity. Enter the desired donation amount and add the product to your shopping cart to proceed with the payment. A valid email address is required to sign up for a Heavyocity user account during checkout.

More info: Heaviocity #StayHome (297 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 81 audio loops in WAV/REX format, 1 instrument patch in NKI format for NI Kontakt)

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    • I can’t stand piraters*. I’ve noticed they’re idiots and also expect everything for free. They’re the wack rapper who wants free beats and the producer who wants you to pay for his bats but won’t but a $1 plugin.

      *I refuse to call them “pirates” makes them sound cooler than they are.

      With that said I obviously buy my stuff. This is a better strategy if you want to become a better producer. There’s various reasons but my favorite reason is you get to thoroughly learn your favorite plugins slowly. This makes you a beast.

      • Rutger Steenbergen


        Totally agree. Buying is supporting. And you a lot more effort in the plugins you buy. There are also great deals if you look around. I have FL Studio with lifetime free updates, Presonus studio One with 50% discount, Neutron 3 and Ozone 8 with even 60% discount and 50% discount on Native Instruments Ultimate.

        Yes, could be quite expensive. But I’ll keep using these programs for years to come. And the developers deserve every single euro. Isn’t that a saying, btw: treat others how you want to be treated? I prefer being paid for the work I do 👍

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Good point. In my opinion, it’s important to resist the GAS. When you feel the urge to buy something, download the demo/trial first and use it for a while. If you still think the software is useful, check if there is a deal or a sale on the horizon, too. Usually, companies have annual sales so that you can plan your purchase.

    • Sorry went on a tangent there. I’ve known people who steal software in person and trust me, they are the worst and are very very arrogant and ignorant. Your comment got me all worked up haha.

      Anyways, I do not own it but after BPB’s Kontakt Player articles I’ve found a cheaper way to get it via Kontakt library upgrade! After I buy some drum samples and after my next drum plugin I will get Kontakt most likely. From there I will upgrade my way until Ultimate Signature Edition.

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Yeah, when the crossgrade price is combined with a 50% off sale, Kontakt is a very good deal actually.

    • I do. Native Instruments usually has a good sale for Komplete in the summer (around July), and then you get Massive, Reaktor, FM8, Battery, Guitar Rig, etc. with it. It’s easier for me to buy them and have them auto-install with their app than it is to deal with cracked versions that make me download each manually and may or may not update.

      Plus the audio industry’s been cool about giving away stuff for free. NI’s been giving away $50 plugins each Christmas for years, and I like supporting companies that do stuff like that. It’s much better than those iLok-heavy companies that assume everyone’s out to get them and lock all your plugins behind janky DRM.

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