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Samples From Mars has released MPC2000 Snacks From Mars, a freely downloadable sample pack containing vinyl and drum machine sounds recorded and processed through the MPC2000XL hardware sampler.

The sample pack contains six pre-mapped drum kits of 16 hits each (96 samples in total), along with 29 grooves in MIDI format. The clipped, filtered and effected sounds coming from the MPC were fed through an Overstay Modular channel strip for additional processing.

The product page describes the library as a collection of “Raw vinyl and drum machines sampled into the MPC2000xl, processed to perfection, and mapped to your favorite DAWs and samplers.” The samples are definitely worth downloading if you’re a fan of old-school drum machine sounds. This is even more true if you like the gritty sound of old samplers and dusty vinyl drums.

In addition to the free sample pack, Samples From Mars is running a production contest. Participants must compose a track which only uses the MPC2000 Snacks From Mars samples for the drum sounds. The sounds can be manipulated in any way you want. So, you’re free to apply any VST plugins for processing and audio mangling.

Check the website for more information about the contest and the available awards. The main prize is the Akai MPC2000 sampler, along with all Samples From Mars Releases (including future releases) and SoundCloud promotion.

A valid email address is required to download your free copy of MPC2000 Snacks From Mars. The sample pack takes 77.6 megabytes of hard drive space when uncompressed. The contest is open for entries until May 22nd or before 1,000 submissions are received. The winners will be announced in June.

More info: MPC2000 Snacks From Mars

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  1. Hi,
    Samples From Mars seems to have problems with the emails.
    Maybe a download button would have been better.

      • Yes, and there were quite a few people who had the same problem.
        But an email to SFM, the support reacted quickly, they sent the link and the problem was solved, as I know it from SFM.

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    I also had a good experience with developer, once I contacted them. They were very quick to respond to my issue, which was the same as CORTI.SON’s.

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