Dave Hilowitz Releases Two FREE Libraries For Kontakt & SFZ


Dave Hilowitz of Decent Samples has released Box Violin Sustains & Swells and Banjo Ukulele sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt and all SFZ compatible samplers.

Decent Samples releases free and commercial sample libraries based on unique and unusual instruments. Their website is an absolute goldmine for those looking to expand their sample arsenal with uncommon and exotic sounds. It is the place to visit if you want to upgrade your digital audio workstation with Japanese taishōgoto, fretless zither, Chantal tea kettle, or PVC tube flute sounds.

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Most of the sample libraries featured on the Decent Samples are free, although some do come with a price tag. That said, even the paid ones are fairly priced and well worth the asked amount. The latest two releases from Decent Samples are completely free, though.

Box Violin Sustains & Swells features the sounds of a home-made violin. The instrument was made out of a paintbrush box and it sounds incredibly close to a real violin, as you can hear in Dave’s demo video on YouTube. The sample library features two articulation (swells and sustains) with up to four velocity layers per sample.

Banjo Ukulele features the sounds of an old banjo. The library comes with four round-robin variations and two velocity layers per sampled note.

Both libraries include mappings for SFZ and Kontakt. The SFZ patches were tested in sforzando but they should be compatible with most other sampler plugins, too. You can download the sounds completely free of charge via Decent Samples.

More info: Decent Samples

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  1. Synthiemental


    Yes, David seems like a really friendly guy with lots of enthusiasm. He has nice tutorials on how to built sample libraries for Kontakt and SFZ, he builts his own instruments and he is a professional composer. I don’t know how he manages to get all this done at the same time, but I guess he’s fortunate to be born with a very bright and structured mind and just natural talent.

  2. A sampled Ukulele to make YouTube background muzak itself used in a YouTube video by the very guy who sampled it on his own YouTube channel about sampling. And people were worried about a tear in the spacetime continuum from the Large Hadron Collider…
    Thanks a million for the SFZ/WAV format!

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